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Does Shockwave Therapy for ED Work?

Sex is neither an exact science, nor a flawless art – every man has erection issues at some point. However, if getting or maintaining an erection begins to seriously disrupt your intimate relationships, you may have erectile dysfunction (ED), and you may need treatment. This condition requires stimulating new blood vessel growth in your penis to increase the size, vascularity, and duration of your erections.

You could try accomplishing this through PDE5 inhibitor medications like Viagra or penis artery reconstruction surgery – but you’d have to be willing to accept some pretty high risks and costs. If you’ve already invested in over-the-counter erectile dysfunction treatments or tried doing erectile dysfunction exercises every night you’re likely still searching for an ED treatment that really works.

At Novus Anti-Aging Center we deliver clinically validated, FDA cleared Shockwave Therapy – low-intensity acoustic waves that stimulate blood flow and remodel penal collagen to produce stronger erections and enhanced sensation. All with no downtime or side effects.

The specialists on the Novus sexual health team were early adapters, as they’ve been following clinical research coming out of Europe for decades. Soundwave therapy’s ability to break up scar tissue in other body parts has been documented for 40 years, and in penal tissue for the last 25.

That’s a long time to be practicing and refining the science and art of the shockwave.

Novus founder Dustin Wolff explains what it took for Novus sexual health specialists to achieve an unparalleled 80%-90% custom shockwave protocol success rate:

Is Shockwave Therapy A Scientifically Proven Treatment?

Shockwave Therapy devices are not at all new – they’ve been breaking up kidney stones for 40 years.

Researchers who recently published a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine used triplex ultrasonography to measure peak systolic velocity and resistance index in men with vasculogenic ED. The study found that 75% of the subjects who were treated with Shockwave Therapy for one year enjoyed restored erectile function.1

Because they’re so familiar, pills may seem like the safer and easier option, but a recent study published in Sexual Medicine journal demonstrated that ED patients who did not respond to the popular oral phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5i) treatment were successfully treated with Shockwave Therapy. And – unlike with orally delivered pharmaceutical treatments – no side effects were reported.2

Novus patients have submitted a slew of testimonials after experiencing firsthand the relief and sexual spontaneity this treatment has enabled.

How does Shockwave Therapy work?

Shockwave Therapy functions somewhat like a “controlled explosion.” Low-frequency acoustic waves delivered at various speeds and frequencies travel through damaged penal tissue where they may cause:

  • cellular changes: shockwaves alter the free radicals in your body, boosting the release of pain and inflammation regulating biochemicals
  • blood flow changes: stimulus angiogenesis – formation of new blood flow – which improves soft tissue healing and regeneration
  • muscle tone changes: reduces the contractile activity of muscles, decreasing spasms, and eliminating trigger points; can disrupt neuro-cognitive pain
  • pain reduction: shockwave pulses disrupt pain signals sent by nerve fibers to the brain

This holistic treatment merely enhances your natural body functions by eliminating obstacles. It goes beyond the symptoms and targets the root cause of your ED.

Shockwave Treatment

Your Novus sexual health specialist will always discuss your needs and goals before creating a custom treatment plan. The hertz speed of your shockwave pulses will always be adjusted for your comfort. We recommend at least 6, and possibly up to 12 treatment sessions, depending on the severity and duration of your ED.

From numbing cream application to pulse waves per second, Dustin Wolff demonstrates how the shockwave device works during your 20 minute ER treatment sessions:

You are not a good candidate for Shockwave Therapy if you are:

  • a heavy smoker
  • a heavy drinker
  • under 18 years of age
  • obese
  • experiencing an infection
  • a growth plate or metal pin patient
  • have a malignant tumors
  • have a nerve or circulation disorder
  • taking anticoagulants

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