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Does Viveve Work?

Viveve Therapy Los Angeles

Thanks to Viveve, vaginal looseness, laxity, and leaking don’t have to disrupt your routine, confidence, and sex life. This 30 minute vaginal rejuvenation tightens up vaginal walls by delivering radiofrequency energy, which stimulates collagen cell growth, while cryogen cools surface tissue to prevent discomfort.

The sexual health specialists at the Novus Center stay abreast of the latest research, like the recent study in the U.S. and Japan which found that women who received the Viveve treatment experienced improved vaginal tightness and sexual satisfaction.

Revive the healthy, sexually vibrant you. Discover how Viveve can regenerate collagen for more resilient vaginal tissue and stronger pelvic muscles. Schedule a consultation with our discreet specialists by calling (310) 954-1450 today, or contact us here.

Tighten. Sensitize. Satisfy.

A RealSelf survey found that Viveve has a 93% approval rating from reviewers like these:

Burlingame, CA

Post procedure instructions indicated 14 days for increased vaginal lubrication and to wait 24-48 hours prior to sexual intercourse. On day 3 post treatment all I have to say is: OOOMGOSH!! The sensitivity in the clitoral area has been AWESOME!! The climax has been more intense than ever before.

The best money spent
New York, NY

The procedure was painless. It took 30 minutes. Within two weeks I started to feel the effects... Sex was less painful. After two months it fully kicked in and my libido returned. I feel tighter and my husband notices a difference…. We both greatly benefitted from this investment.

Relaxing and Uplifting Experience with Viveve
Minneapolis, MN

I was starting to feel discomforting pain during sex. I went to my family doctor who diagnosed me with atrophy of the vagina walls…they were losing the elasticity and the "pink" that we have. I was also experiencing unusual dryness. As a fitness trainer, this was unacceptable to me. I set out to find an alternative to creams and prescription gels or pills that I refuse to implode my body with. Then I heard about Viveve. It was a simple process which restored the walls of my vagina, created more lubrication, and as an added bonus, helped with orgasm – I felt youthful again! My boyfriend noticed I was more excitable and pleased. Sex no longer hurt at all! I am super glad I did this, and intend on keeping up my, "pink" for as long as I can.

No more laxity. No more looseness. No more leaking.

Because it helps regenerate laxity in vaginal walls, Viveve can also alleviate urinary incontinence, while lubricating the vagina to relieve pain. RealSelf reviewers describe it best:

Two Babies and a Trickle
Denver, CO

After having my two daughters, I started to notice my inability to control my urine leakage… Then, at my very first Packer game, I ended up peeing myself after screaming and jumping up and down with excitement. I walked away so embarrassed with myself, I knew I needed to do something. When I got treatment I realized there are so many women that suffer from the same issues... The procedure was very short, pain free, and required no downtime. I noticed a significant change after a couple of weeks and can now say I don't have to wear liners on a daily basis anymore. I can now enjoy football games with no worry!

Columbus OH

Having watched my mother accept incontinence as the price for having four large babies, I was dismayed to see this starting for me. I decided to receive the Viveve treatment. One and a half months later I realize that the little leaks have completely stopped. This result is more dramatic than I expected. I am supplementing the results of the procedure with the kegel machine and am confident that I can head off the fate of having to wear pads and the constant bladder infections that plague many elderly women! The discomfort is minimal and the downtime is nil.

Changed my Life and my Marriage!
Scottsdale AZ

I cannot say enough about this treatment – it was so easy & so fast! Less than an hour and I was able to go straight back to work. To be honest, I was worried about having a vaginal treatment after I saw some articles about the FDA saying they were bad and hurt women. But my doctor assured me Viveve was proven to be safe and actually work. It's been almost 4 weeks and I'm barely leaking at all! I can actually run again without wearing a pad. I feel more confident with my body and in with my husband.

These reviews illustrate the fact that aging, child birth and menopause don’t have to cause permanently debilitating changes. Taking care of your sexual health has never been easier.

No Surgery, Medication or Down Time

Viveve is the only technology that safely and naturally regenerates vaginal collagen by delivering cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) waves directly to damaged tissue.

On the day of your procedure, you’ll lie down in a comfortable position. A small, smooth device will be carefully inserted into your vaginal opening. The CMRF technology allows for the required 4 inch penetration depth while ensuring comfort and safety.

Natural, non-invasive collagen restoration takes time – about 30-90 days in most women. This cellular regeneration will enable you to feel more pleasure, but won’t cause any major outward change in your vaginal tissue.

Am I a good Viveve Candidate?

The Viveve vaginal and urinary restoration system was designed for sexually active women who want to look as vibrant as they feel without dangerous drugs or costly, complicated surgery.

You are a good candidate for the Viveve therapy if:

  • you're experiencing vaginal laxity, looseness, or diminished sexual sensitivity
  • your sexual sensitivity is fine, but your vaginal tissue is looser than you prefer for aesthetic reasons
  • you’re struggling with mild, moderate or severe incontinence (urine or fecal)

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“LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH” should be more than a welcome mat motto. Vaginal laxity, dwindling libido and incontinence don’t have to rob you of the joy hobbies, sex and humor bring.

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