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Does The P-Shot Really Work? | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

In this video, CEO of Novus Anti-Aging Center Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C, and Center Director David Dumbroski answer several common P-Shot questions:

  • “Does The P-Shot really work?”
  • “Who doesn’t The P-Shot work for?”
  • “What if I got The P-Shot but it didn’t work for me? What happened?”

Stephanie Wolff talks about defining success of the P-ShotDefining Success

When considering the first question, “Does The P-Shot really work?”, it’s important to first understand HOW this erectile dysfunction treatment works.

The P-Shot is an injection of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, prepared from the patient’s own blood. PRP contains growth factors, cytokines, and stem cells.

All of these are vital in the building of new blood vessels, the regrowth of tissue, and the elimination of scar tissue. These improvements to the penile tissue treat many root causes of erectile dysfunction, resolving the condition.

The P-Shot works through this mechanism of action. In other words, yes, it really does work!

Stephanie Wolff discussing about who the P-Shot wont work forWho The P-Shot Won’t Work For

In regard to the second question, “Who won’t The P-Shot work for?”, it is much less likely to work for people with health or lifestyle issues that are actively acting against its benefits.

Smoking, dietary issues, and uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes all negatively affect the health of the blood vessels in various ways. When these factors are in play, The P-Shot’s tissue-regeneration effects are negated.

Having hormone levels that aren’t optimized can also play a role. Testosterone signals the blood vessels to dilate. When there isn’t enough testosterone to cause adequate dilation, ED can occur.

Surgeon in white gloves holding a sample of P-Shot in a test tubeBecause these factors all affect results, it’s important to be completely honest during your consultation at Novus Anti-Aging Center. When people are not honest about their health issues, they won’t get the erectile dysfunction treatment results they’re hoping for.

Additionally, when there’s a health issue, it will often reveal itself at some point during the process. For example, when diabetes is uncontrolled, the patient’s PRP will look different. Healthy PRP has a golden apple-juice-like appearance. In comparison, unhealthy PRP has a milkshake-like look, appearing frothy and pink.

Screenshot from a video about Erectile Dysfunction treatmentWhy Didn’t The P-Shot Work For You?

When patients ask, “What if I got The P-Shot but it didn’t work for me? What happened?”, it isn’t too difficult to find an answer.

In some cases, the answer lies in the health or lifestyle issues covered in the previous section. In others, it is related to a heavy buildup of plaque. To address this, multiple acoustic wave therapy sessions are required to break down that plaque before The P-Shot can deliver its full benefits.

Many men feel like The P-Shot didn’t work for them at other clinics because there was no acoustic wave therapy performed. At Novus Anti-Aging Center, even when patients are getting a one-time P-Shot for sexual enhancement, we make sure to perform a NOVOwave treatment. This consistently provides increased benefits.

The Importance of PRP Kits

Stephanie Wolff and David Dumbroski discussing about The importance of PRP KitsAnother aspect of the process that can negatively affect P-Shot results is the quality of the PRP kit. Different offices use different types of PRP kits, and these kits vary in quality. Novus Anti-Aging Center has experimented with a variety of kits to find out which option is best for our patients.

We found that the highest-quality kits yield excellent results, while cheaper PRP kits yield poor results. Not only that, when someone complains that a past P-Shot treatment was painful, this is typically because a cheaper kit was used.

So if you’re shopping around and are offered a deal that seems suspicious, they may be using a low-quality PRP kit. It’s best to avoid these in favor of a reliable high-quality kit.

Find Out More

If you’re still wondering if The P-Shot really works as an erectile dysfunction treatment for Los Angeles patients, find out more with a consultation. Arrange an appointment at Novus Anti-Aging Center by contacting us today. You can also look over published clinical research here.

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