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How to Improve Your Phoenix Treatments

The first-ever home use acoustic wave device, I want to provide resources for you to improve your Phoenix treatments. If you’re unfamiliar with the device, learn more here.

If The Phoenix or your in-office acoustic wave treatments haven’t worked for you yet, we’re going to help you troubleshoot to see what’s going on and help you get better results in the bedroom and your performance.

Finding the Right Level of Treatment

First, get a personalized protocol at Everyone is different so you might require a different amount of treatment based on what you’re looking for. For example, those who are looking for performance might only need anywhere from three to six treatments a year. Whereas my elderly gentlemen with moderate or severe Erectile Dysfunction might require anywhere from 12 to 24 treatments in a year.

I want you to think about it like going to the gym. For those of you who are starting to see results…you’re gaining muscle, you’re getting endurance, you’re not going to stop. You’re going to keep going because you want to see what more performance you can get.

The same applies to men with moderate to severe Erectile Dysfunction. Maybe they haven’t gone to the gym in 30-40 years so they’re just now getting back into working out and training their muscles. It’s going to take them a little bit longer to start seeing some results. So you really can compare it to working out your muscles – it is a muscle.

To make sure that you’re using The Phoenix correctly go to Now if you are working with a local sexual wellness clinic they’re going to know what they’re doing, so you don’t have to worry about that, but for the rest of you who are treating on your own be sure you’ve got the right protocol and know what you’re doing with The Phoenix.


In addition to using your Phoenix, you’re going to also want to be using a Penis Pump. 10 minutes, twice a day is the protocol, and any pump will do. You’re going to want to use the Penis Pump every day during your treatment protocol and for six weeks after your last Phoenix treatment.

Remember, Acoustic Wave Therapy is just one part of your sexual wellness protocol. There are three pillars when it comes to sexual wellness – the first one is plumbing, which Acoustic Wave Therapy takes care of. The second is chemistry, and the third is your brain and your nerve signals.

Pillar 1 – Plumbing

Another treatment that we recommend with regard to pillar number one, the plumbing, is the P- Shot. This can be done with platelet-rich plasma also known as PRP, or if you want the best of the best the Stem Cell Exosome P-Shot. We’ve made other videos with regard to the P-Shot check out this page to learn more.

Pillar 2 – Chemistry

Pillar 2 is about the chemistry and how important your hormones are when it comes to sexual wellness. What we are learning is that testosterone is a very potent vasodilator. It’s going to actually cause your smooth muscles to relax while increasing the amount of blood flowing through your blood vessels, therefore enhancing your erections.

So we absolutely recommend that you get your hormones checked by a hormone specialist, if not with us here at the Novus Anti-Aging Center, then find a sexual wellness clinic near you.

Pillar 3 – The Brain

Pillar 3 is all about the brain, not only the mindset but also anxiety, depression, or PTSD, so we do recommend seeing a certified therapist sexual therapist if this is something you need help with. If you’re not seeing success with bodily treatments, checking for psychologically induced ED is a great step.

A second part of the third pillar is nerve signals. For those men who’ve had prostate surgery, whether they’ve had their prostate completely removed or partially removed, you have to remember that you have the main nerve that’s going through this gland. This main nerve is responsible for activating the smooth muscles in your penis, causing it to relax (to allow more blood flow into the penis).

So if you’ve experienced prostate surgery whether that’s the complete removal or partial removal, do remember that a lot of times that nerve can be damaged, and there is evidence that shows not only does Acoustic Wave Therapy help regenerate nerves, but also PRP as in the P-Shot, as well as the Exosome P-Shot.

Although none of it’s conclusive, and more research needs to be done regarding this type of treatment with prostate surgery, we’ve seen success in the patients we’ve treated here at Novus Anti-Aging Center. And as with any type of medical treatment, before you begin make sure that you consult with your medical provider or the sexual wellness clinic near you.

To find out more about the 3 pillars of sexual wellness and how The Phoenix works to treat Erectile Dysfunction, contact Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles for a consultation. If you would like to learn which pillar is causing your ED, you can also take our simple free quiz at

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