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The Phoenix Review | Does The Phoenix Actually Work For Erectile Dysfunction?

Unfortunately, most The Phoenix reviews do not cover the conditions under which this state-of-the-art erectile dysfunction treatment is effective. In this video, CEO of Novus Anti-Aging Center Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C, and Center Director David Dumbroski answer the question “Does The Phoenix actually work for erectile dysfunction?” by covering a vital aspect of ED treatment: the 3 pillars of sexual wellness.

The 3 Pillars of Sexual Wellness

There are 3 pillars to every person’s sexual wellness, and all of these pillars need to be optimized to prevent ED. The Phoenix can effectively address one of these pillars. If the others are not also addressed, you may not achieve the results you’ve been searching for.

Stephanie Wolff talking about The 3 Pillars of Sexual Wellness

Stephanie Wolff talking about Plumbing as Pillar of Sexual WellnessPillar 1: Plumbing

The first pillar of sexual wellness is the cardiovascular system, or “the plumbing.”

In this system, blood vessels circulate blood throughout the body.

Proper blood flow can be impaired by issues like ruptured blood vessels (due to smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes) and plaque buildup. This results in poor blood flow to the tissues, which results in ED.

Stephanie Wolff talking about Chemistry as Pillar of Sexual WellnessPillar 2: Chemistry

The second pillar of sexual wellness is chemistry, specifically the hormones.

During the aging process, hormone production naturally declines. This can have a negative effect on a person’s blood vessels and their other tissues.

Because hormones signal dilation of blood vessels to help achieve erections, hormone imbalances can result in erectile dysfunction.

Stephanie Wolff talking about Brain as Pillar of Sexual WellnessPillar 3: Brain

The third pillar of sexual wellness is the brain.

The brain carries nerve signals to the penis so that it can function properly. When anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other issues are present, these can interfere with this process, causing erectile dysfunction.

How to Influence the 3 Pillars

The first pillar, the cardiovascular system, can be influenced and optimized using The Phoenix system. The Phoenix’s acoustic wave therapy effectively breaks up the plaque in blood vessels that impedes blood flow. When combined with the benefits of The P-Shot or The Exosome P-Shot, this restores proper blood flow for erections.

Screenshot from a Youtube video about How to Influence the 3 Pillars

There are many studies that show the effectiveness of The Phoenix, including the following: Long-term effectiveness and predictors of success of low-intensity shockwave therapy in phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors non-responders

Remember, when factors like high blood pressure, being overweight, diabetes, and hormone imbalances are present, these must be addressed with diet and lifestyle changes. The blood vessels still need to be healthy for proper blood flow, or else it won’t matter how much plaque is removed with The Phoenix.

Learn About The Phoenix

The second pillar, chemistry, can be influenced and optimized with the help of a hormone specialist. These medical professionals have a deep understanding of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. They can ensure that your hormones are properly balanced so that the blood vessels dilate correctly for erections.

When hormone balancing is combined with The Phoenix and either The P-Shot or The Exosome P-Shot, it leads to ideal results for our patients. When patients follow our recommendations at Novus Anti-Aging Center, they experience results. When they don’t follow directions exactly as given, they may not experience the results they’re hoping for.

The third pillar, the brain, can often be influenced with the help of a sex therapist. In cases where issues like anxiety and depression are present, we recommend visiting a sex therapist to help you resolve them.

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