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When Should You Consider The P-Shot?

In this video, CEO of Novus Anti-Aging Center Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C, and Center Director David Dumbroski answer the question “When should you consider The P-Shot?”

Stephanie Wolff with David Dumbroski in a Youtube video talks about The P-ShotWhat Is The P-Shot?

The P-Shot treatment is created using the patient’s own blood. The red and white blood cells are separated out using a centrifuge, leaving the plasma and platelets. These are combined to form platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

PRP contains cytokines, growth factors, and stem cells. When injected into the tissues of the penis, these components encourage regeneration of tissue and creation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). As a result, blood flow is improved, resulting in a number of sexual-wellness benefits.

Learn more about The P-Shot here.

When Should You Consider The P-Shot?

David Dumbroski explaining when to consider The P-ShotIf you’re interested in The P-Shot for improved performance in the bedroom, there’s no wrong time to get started. The sooner you learn more, the sooner you’ll be enjoying the benefits of this treatment.

The P-Shot gives patients enhanced sensation, stronger erections, a boost in stamina, enhanced penile appearance, increased desire, and more. If any of these sound like something you’ve been searching for, there’s no better time than now to come in for The P-Shot.

Note that if you’re currently undergoing a treatment cycle with in-office acoustic wave therapy or at-home therapy with The Phoenix, it’s best to complete the cycle before getting your P-Shot treatment.

The Stem Cell and Exosome P-Shot

Stephanie Wolff and David Dumbroski discussing about The P-Shot and The Exosome P-Shot

Many patients wonder if they should choose The P-Shot or The Exosome P-Shot. Both options offer excellent results. At Novus Anti-Aging Center, we’ve found that The Exosome P-Shot provides enhanced results above and beyond those of The P-Shot. Learn more here.

Ask Your Provider

Stephanie Wolff giving advise about The P-Shot

We’ve successfully helped numerous patients achieve improved sexual wellness with the help of The P-Shot. However, The P-Shot must undergo more clinical research before it can become the standard of care offered at every medical practice. Visit your local sexual wellness clinic to find out if they offer this treatment modality.

If you’re unsure about the best way to improve your performance in the bedroom using sexual wellness treatments, visit Take the quiz to find out the right treatment protocol for you.

Stephanie Wolff and David Dumbroski talks about

Stephanie Wolff talks about the many benefits of The P-ShotMore Information

To learn more about the many benefits of The P-Shot, look over the numerous informational videos on our YouTube channel.

There are also several published clinical research articles available:

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