Peyronie’s Disease is, in a word, uncomfortable. If we were to expand on that, we would also assert that Peyronie’s Disease is disruptive, disheartening, and distinctly difficult to treat. Fortunately, at Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles, CA we have the non-invasive answer to reversing this progressive disease with The Phoenix, the world’s first home treatment for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and related disorders.

6 Ways The Phoenix Treats Peyronie’s Disease

1. Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Peyronie’s is characterized by scar tissue in the penis that causes the penis to have a distinct, exaggerated, and painful curve. The acoustic waves built into The Phoenix system breaks up the scar tissue lining the penis, which allows the return of your natural shape, whatever that may be.

Breaking up the scar tissue is essential to loosening the painful curvature of your erection. This is because scar tissue that forms as a result of healing may heal in the wrong way, hence the unwanted curve. Break up the scar tissue, and you won’t have any curvature to worry about.

2. Restores Blood Flow

Scar tissue has the unfortunate bad habit of restricting blood flow to the penis, which may interfere with your ability to even get an erection – or even get an erection as often as you’d like. Shockwave therapy is scientifically proven to restore the flow of blood to various areas of the body, including a man’s three treasures.

Restoring blood flow is also important to returning sensation to the penis. If you’re struggling with sexual stimulation for lack of sensitivity, increased blood flow may help restore sensation, which of course will make your sex life better.

3. Relieves Pain

It can be devastatingly painful to have an erection when you have Peyronie’s for the sheer fact that the curvature caused by the scar tissue is forcing your penis into an unnatural shape. The pain of this disease is most commonly associated with gaining an erection, but many men also report discomfort throughout the day even when they are not aroused. In other words, the pain of Peyronie’s never fully goes away for some men.

The Phoenix’s unique acoustic blend is a follow-up to a long line of scientific research that proves soundwave technology has incredible pain-relieving benefits. For example, we know that shockwave therapy can sometimes be effective for relieving the pain associated with arthritis, along with restoring function to affected joints. It’s the same with this disorder; the restoration of blood flow and the breaking of restrictive scar tissue relieves pain associated with erections and sexual activity.

4. Improves Sex Life

One of the largest draws for a treatment such as this one is perhaps the promise that your sex life will be improved. But with The Phoenix, there aren’t any gimmicks, and this is one call-back that is absolutely true. The fact that this treatment will treat the root of your problem is an automatic improvement for your sex life and your sexual health.

But acoustic sound waves can be used for more than just correcting the symptoms of Peyronie’s and relieving pain. Shockwave therapy can also improve your sexual stamina and endurance, your sexual sensitivity, and restore your libido – all of which are essential ingredients to the restoration of a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

5. Offers Fast Relief and No Side Effects

The problem with other treatments for Peyronie’s and erectile dysfunction is the fact that it can take a long time to get the results you’re looking for. That’s not the case for The Phoenix, which can grant results quickly. And even better, the results of this treatment get better over time, especially with consistent use of The Phoenix system.

The other problem with other treatments is the endless list of side effects you may have to deal with, including headaches, hot flashes, stokes, and more. The Phoenix has absolutely zero side effects, making it all the more appealing for those who are looking for a solution that works and works quickly.

6. Corrects Penis Shape

Not to bring size into the conversation, but one of the more depressing symptoms of Peyronie’s is the fact that it can literally cause penile shortening.

Peyronie’s Disease essentially adds insult to injury by both curving and shortening your penis, which can of course be a blow to your self-confidence even without the potential erectile dysfunction added into the mix. By breaking up the scar tissue with acoustic technology, your penis can return to its natural size and shape.

How Do Penile Injuries Happen?

The scar tissue itself builds up over time as a result of repeated injuries to the penis, sometimes from sex, sports, or other injuries. That’s right – sex can injure your penis to such a degree that the internal tissue of the penis actually forms scar tissue. Penile injuries related to sex sometimes occur from vigorous sex, bending of the penis on a partner’s pubic bone, or even bending during penetration.

Penile injuries related to sports or other physical impacts may happen because of a stray ball or foot, or even from a particularly bad fall. And since most men don’t seek treatment for what they feel amounts to little more than a bruise, this gives the opportunity for scar tissue to form as a result of the repeated injuries.

Get the Help You Need Today

While it might be uncomfortable to talk about, the fact is that this is a very common issue among men – almost 200,000 American men suffer from the symptoms of this disease each year. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer the painful symptoms of this all-too-common disease when you have access to the right at-home treatment.

To learn more about treatments for Peyronie’s Disease – or to get the hook-up you need to The Phoenix system – contact Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles, CA today. 

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