Understandably, men who have been contending with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are skeptical about potential treatments, particularly when pills and other ED treatments haven’t worked for them in the past. But there are certain treatments that are scientifically proven to work, and some that are proven to be even more effective than traditional treatments that only treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes. One of those treatments is the Phoenix system.

Does the Phoenix System Actually Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

The Phoenix is a low-intensity acoustic shockwave therapy that is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those seeking regenerative medicine treatments for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and even joint pain. This system is a non-invasive and non-surgical solution that addresses the underlying causes of ED and has proven to be more clinically efficient for treating ED than treatments such as Viagra.

But why is the Phoenix system so effective for ED? It has to do with the Three Pillars of Sexual Wellness.

Three Pillars of Sexual Wellness

At Novus, we believe that all men can benefit from optimizing the Three Pillars of Sexual Wellness, which addresses the top three elements that contribute to optimal sexual health, wellness, and performance. Depending on the man, one pillar may be more responsible for ED than others – but that’s okay. We can help you identify the pillar or pillars contributing the most to your ED and help you optimize your sexual wellness from the bottom up.

Pillar One: Plumbing

The first pillar has to do with your physiology: specifically, your cardiovascular system. Basic anatomy tells us that the ability to develop and sustain an erection is dependent on the health of the veins and tissues in the penis. From this, we can deduce that issues with the cardiovascular system can make it more difficult to have an erection.

What Cardiovascular Issues Cause ED?

There are a couple of cardiovascular issues in particular that contribute to ED. For example, small or thinning veins, plaque build-up, and low blood pressure are all potential root causes for ED. These are conditions that can interfere with blood traveling to the tissues of the penis, which will directly affect your ability to have an erection.

How to Fix This Pillar

The best way to fix this pillar is by addressing the underlying cardiovascular condition. For example, if there is plaque in your veins that is blocking the full flow of blood, then low-intensity shockwave therapy can help break this plaque up and return normal healthy blood flow to the veins in the penis. Likewise, treatments such as the P-shot will help revitalize the tissues and blood flow in the penis, which will make it physiologically much easier to have an erection.

How Many Treatments With The Phoenix System Will You Need?

The number of treatments you will need depends on your unique plumbing and the severity of your ED. For some men, as many as six to 12 treatments are necessary for significant and sustained results; for others, changes can be detected in as little as one to two treatments.

Will You Need to Change Your Lifestyle?

For some men, it can be easier to get the results you want from low-intensity acoustic shockwave therapy when you make certain lifestyle changes. Drinking less alcohol, smoking less tobacco, and losing weight can all help improve your cardiovascular health and make shockwave therapy more effective.

Pillar Two: Chemistry

The second pillar of your sexual wellness is your chemistry, or your hormones. Yes, even men are subject to the whims of their hormones. Most notably, the onset of andropause is when most hormonal changes in men occur, specifically, the decline in the production of testosterone, which can affect the behavior of your blood vessels and tissues.

When Do Men Experience Hormone Changes?

Men tend to experience a drop of 1% of testosterone production every year after the onset of andropause, which is around age 40. Although the first symptoms may be subtle, many men begin to notice symptoms such as ED, low libido, mood swings, loss of muscle mass, and weight gain during this time.

How to Fix This Pillar

Ideally, this pillar can be fixed by visiting a hormone specialist to help you balance your hormones. Bio-identical hormone therapy with testosterone pellets is usually a good option for men who want to balance their hormones and correct the symptoms of ED. Undergoing hormone treatment can also make your other treatments for ED, if any, more effective.

Pillar Three: Brain

The third pillar is all about your brain signal, which is encapsulated in one of the most disheartening symptoms of erectile dysfunction: low libido. The loss of interest in sexual activity is a common reason for many men to experience ED. Dysfuncitioning brain signals between your hormones and the nerves in your body can make it impossible to feel any interest in sex or gain an erection.

What Brain Signals Do You Need to Know About?

In particular, the brain signals associated with your mental health are most likely responsible for the other symptoms of your ED. Both depression and anxiety can make it more difficult to have an erection, and in the case of anxiety, this trouble can become cyclical and harder to treat with only medication.

How to Fix This Pillar?

The best way to fix this pillar is to visit a specialist that can help you remaster your brain-body connection. Sex therapists can help you learn how to cope with depression and anxiety that is interfering with having a healthy sex life.

For some men, more than one pillar is responsible for their ED, and that means it will probably take a combination of therapies to truly address every cause and restore sexual wellness. This can mean that you use low-intensity acoustic shockwaves to correct your plumbing, undergo hormone balance therapy, and visit a sex therapist to address each of the unique root causes of your ED and correct your ED for good. For more guidance on the treatments that are ideal for your unique physiology, hormones, and brain, please visit Novus in Los Angeles, CA today!