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Viveve™ Menopause Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

No More Dryness, Looseness or Urine Leaks

We know those menopausal moments well.

You're sitting around the bonfire chatting and laughing then suddenly you sneeze - releasing a few drops of urine. That's enough to make you want to skip the next camp out.

You've had a lovely evening and it's really getting hot - but you're so dry it hurts. That's enough to extinguish your libido. So many women are convinced that menopause has irreversibly altered their vaginal structure and sensation.

They're wrong.

Vaginal dryness, looseness, loss of sensation, and urinary incontinence are debilitating changes you don't have to live with. Post-menopausal women can enjoy their hobbies and sexuality throughout their lives - as long as they nurture their ever-evolving female topography.

Recent studies in the U.S. and Japan found that women who received the Viveve treatment experienced improved vaginal tightness and sexual satisfaction. Menopause may be a life stage you can't avoid - but you can disrupt its symptoms. Looseness, laxity, and leaking don't have to disrupt your daily routine, confidence, and sex life.

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, we take women's physical and emotional health seriously - and we're dedicated to reviving a healthy, sexually vibrant you. We'll help you discover how Viveve can regenerate collagen for more resilient vaginal tissue and stronger pelvic muscles.

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Am I a good Viveve Candidate?

We don't have to remind you what menopause can bring during its various stages and incarnations. You are a good candidate for the Viveve therapy if you suffer from:

  • vaginal dryness
  • pain during sex
  • decreased climax and laxity
  • thinning of the vaginal wall
  • bladder leakage
  • urinary incontinence

The Viveve vaginal and urinary restoration system was designed for sexually active women who want to look as vibrant as they feel without dangerous drugs or costly, complicated surgery.

No Surgery, Medication or Down Time

Viveve is the only technology that safely delivers cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) waves to your vaginal tissue, stimulating your body to regenerate collagen naturally. And that means tightening vaginal walls and increasing sensitivity.

On the day of your procedure, you'll lie down in a comfortable position. A small, smooth device will be carefully inserted into your vaginal opening. The CMRF technology allows for the required 4 inch penetration depth while ensuring comfort and safety.

You'll feel no pain, bleeding, bruising, or other side effects. Viveve is engineered to be minimally invasive, and your comfort is our top priority. Your 45 minute treatment is fast and easy and requires no anesthesia, scarring, or long recovery times - that's the power of Viveve.

Natural, non-invasive collagen restoration takes time - about 30-90 days in most women. These cellular alterations will enable you to feel more pleasure, but won't cause any major outward change in your vaginal tissue.

Restore Firmness & Sensation

Your vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers which stretch and thin out, causing vaginal laxity that disrupts your sexual sensation. That's why Viveve was developed and studied in clinical trials. It may sound technologically complex, but its application is actually quite simple. The system's transformative power lies in its revolutionary dual heating and cooling capability.

Once inserted, the Viveve device tip rotates gently at precisely timed intervals to:

  • cool and protect your surface while gently heating your collagen fibers
  • activate your body's natural regeneration process
  • stimulate the creation of new, robust collagen to rejuvenate your vaginal tissue

Viveve's built-in cooling system ensures you'll feel no discomfort - it's specially designed to maintain a comfortable skin temperature at all times.

If you've suffered from vaginal looseness for quite some time, you may have tried medications and medical devices that offer only minimal, temporary results. You may have been told true revival of your appearance and sensation were impossible. That's ancient history. Today, Viveve is empowering thousands of women to take back their vibrant sexuality on their own terms.

Viveve is your long-lasting, powerful solution. And because most women need just one treatment, you won't have to schedule multiple sessions or remember to take pills. You can rejuvenate your vaginal tissue naturally, in our discrete, comfortable suite.

Viveve Benefits

  • simple: most women require just one fast, 45-minute treatment for long-lasting results
  • proven safe and effective: in clinical trials, Viveve improved vaginal tightness, sensation, and appearance, and also resolved incontinence - without side effects
  • no pills, creams, or surgeries: a quick appointment with Viveve allows you to enjoy lush, rejuvenated vaginal tissue without medication, scarring, or long recovery times
  • no side effects: Viveve causes no bruising, bleeding, scarring, or pain
  • discreet: no time off work, medical devices, or hospital stay required

Just about any woman who desires restored vaginal tissue or incontinence treatment can benefit from Viveve. Contact us if:

  • you're experiencing vaginal laxity, looseness, or diminished sexual sensitivity - Viveve helps restore vaginal fullness while improving appearance and sensation
  • your sexual sensitivity is fine, but your vaginal tissue is looser than you prefer for aesthetic reasons; Viveve treatment may alleviate self-consciousness while increasing sexual confidence and enjoyment
  • you're struggling with mild, moderate or severe incontinence; InControl devices were developed to address stress, urge or mixed incontinence - both urinary and fecal

Reserve your appointment

Don't give up on robust exercise, hearty laughter, and good sex. Vaginal dryness, incontinence and dwindling libido don't have to permanently disrupt your life.

Viveve technology can strengthen your vaginal muscles and increase your sensation. Explore how our discreet, compassionate professionals can help you revive your vaginal function - and, your fun.

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, our sexual health specialists offer only clinically validated treatments that work. Take the first step toward enjoying sex again, by calling us at (310) 954-1450, or ccontact us here right now.

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