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Medical Weight Loss Center in Los Angeles, CA

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is not surgery or diet pills, but rather a lifestyle reset based on medical scientific evidence that targets the root causes of obesity and weight gain. Trained doctors, medical providers and nutritionists work together to provide the treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life based on your own body’s needs.

Often times, the reason many people struggle with weight loss is because there is something physiologically working against them. Thus, working with a medical professional on your weight loss journey is essential to your success.

Who benefits from Medical Weight loss?

Medical weight loss is designed to help any inpidual with his or her specific weight loss goals, whether to lose 100 pounds or those last stubborn ten pounds. It is especially beneficial for those who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher because it can reduce the risk of other serious medical conditions.

How does it work?

Our Novus Weight Loss Program begins with comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to determine your body’s current physiological status. Our medical professionals will analyze your test results and based on their findings, create a unique, custom weight loss program lasting 30, 60, or 90 days. Each plan involves three phases:

Phase 1 - Detox

Designed to clear away inflammation and digestive insufficiencies, reset your

metabolism and allow your liver and kidneys to function optimally for the Weight Loss     phase.

Phase 2 - Weight Loss

Includes Weekly IV therapy, Medication and Supplementation, Nutritional Coaching, Weekly Progress Review Meeting with your supervising medical professional.

Phase 3 - Maintenance

Once your program is complete, medical diagnostic testing will be redone to determine

progress and further recommendation for your Maintenance phase. A plan will be

created with you to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Novus Weight Loss Programs

We have developed three proven programs for our clients to choose from based on their goals: 30, 60 and 90 day plans. Each program is tailored to meet your needs. When followed as prescribed, our programs are proven to work and can produce lifelong changes. We want our programs to be the last weight loss plan our patients will ever need.

Cabo Quickie- $500

  • 30 day program for clients wanting to lose a quick 10-15lbs
  • 1 hour Diet & Lifestyle review consult
  • Weekly progress review meetings
  • Phentermine 30 day supply
  • Lipotropic fat burning shots-1mL, 4 X Per week

Novus 60 -$2000

  • 60 day program for clients wanting to lose 15-25lbs
  • 1 hour Diet & Lifestyle review consult
  • 10 day Clear Change Detox phase
  • Meal plans and grocery lists
  • HCG or Phentermine prescription
  • Five Novus weight loss IV drips
  • Weekly progress review meetings
  • Fat burning probiotic X 2

Novus 90 - $3000

  • 90 day program for clients wanting to lose 25lbs or more
  • 1 hour Diet & Lifestyle review consult
  • 10 day Clear Change Detox phase
  • Weekly dedicated Dietitian
  • Meal plans and grocery lists
  • HCG or Phentermine prescription
  • 10 Novus weight loss IV drips
  • Weekly progress review meetings
  • Fat burning probiotic X 3


  • Cryotherapy Package
  • Weekly Meal Delivery Service Package

*Ask about our maintenance program

Will I have to diet?

We don’t believe in “diets”, rather lifestyle changes that you can implement into your busy life and sustain forever. You will be guided and educated about making great food choices with weekly support of our medical professional and nutritionist throughout the program.  You will receive weekly menus, shopping lists and the option for a custom meal delivery service.

Managing nutrition is a fundamental aspect of medical weight loss that is often overlooked by most consumers who are interested in committing to a program. The key to losing weight is managing food intake – consuming foods that are low in fat, low in refined grains and sugars, and high in natural, whole, fiber-rich foods.

Why do I need Medication?

Not everyone needs medication to support their weight loss, but something physiological might be preventing you from losing weight. If you are a candidate, the doctor will review your options, which may include bioidentical hormones and/or IV Nutrition.

Why do I need a IV Therapy?

Vitamin supplementation is an essential part of any weight loss program. Even the best diet cannot guarantee optimal nutrient levels. As we limit portion and caloric intake, the nutritional gap worsens. It is important to replenish the vitamins and minerals we neglect in our diet via intravenous supplementation for our body to sustain a rigorous diet and exercise regimen. Without replenishing these nutrients, the patients commonly end up with fatigue, hair loss, dehydration, impaired immune system, and appear haggard.  Consequently, they are more likely to fail in their weight loss attempt.

Novus Success Stories

I lost 47 pounds in 90 days with the Novus program. Their program focuses not on just weight loss itself, but lifestyle changes. And, that is the beauty of this program that differs from others. Stephanie slowly and gradually teaches you a new, healthier way of living. The changes she helps you make is sustainable long after you finish her program. It was not easy making these changes, but it did get easier along the way. And week after week, I started to feel better and better. - Sian M. 30s

Stephanie is the best! She helped me lose weight, and get my diabetes and high blood pressure under control! She's an amazing provider and person! You will be lucky to be treated by her! She has an amazing heart! - Thammy S. 40s

About a month ago I started the weight loss program and I am down 20 + lbs, obviously I am excited but more than anything I feel fantastic, my skin cleared up and I feel extremely well taken care of. Stephanie cares way too much for her patients and it shows, its' a beautiful thing. - Karla O. 40s

It’s not just the 30+ pounds I’ve lost that are giving me a new lease on life, it’s the fact that I know I’ve done this is the most healthy and sustainable way possible. Stephanie monitors everything going on in your body throughout the process, which is more comprehensive than any program I’ve ever tried. I feel like a new person! - Jamie D. 30s

I knew the weight I was carrying was from stress and just not paying attention my eating. I tried to get healthy a couple times, but nothing really worked. What I didn’t know is that I had a hormone imbalance that was preventing me from having the energy or desire to workout and eat right. Stephanie truly saved me. I’m down 38lbs in 3 months. I even had to buy new clothes. She really knows what she’s doing. - Greg W. 40s

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