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Rolling Stone

Tech millionaire Bryan Johnson’s anti-aging health regimen, “Project Blueprint,” has become the subject of countless media profiles for its severity. The venture capitalist takes more than a hundred supplements a day, eats only between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m., has experimented with receiving blood-plasma transfusions from his teenage son, and reportedly spends $2 million a year on efforts to optimize his body. He painstakingly documents these routines and their results on social media.

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Stephanie Wolff always wanted a career in medicine and has worked as a physician assistant since 2003. After relocating to California and working with a Glendale family practice, she realized her patients were continuing to suffer, taking too much medication and not improving their diet, exercise and hormones.

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Everything was perfect at The Novus Center, a wellness center specializing in the treatment of erectile dysfunction— the phones were ringing, the business was growing, revenues and profits were increasing every month— but founder and CEO Stephanie Wolff P.A.-C still felt like something was wrong.

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Functional medicine and sexual wellness, which can go hand-in-hand. Sex has become a center-piece of modern culture, but it’s often not discussed in your doctor’s office-an omission that can keep you from achieving and maintaining an optimal sex life for your whole life.

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City Lifestyle

As the CEO and Owner of the Novus Anti-Aging Center, Stephanie Wolff believes in healing the body from within and wants people to take control of their own health-becoming “proactive” rather than “reactive.”

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The Caster

Why is it that some celebrities seem to exude youth and vitality at any age? How have they remained seemingly ageless, no matter how many years go by? This Caster Reporter has discovered one of their secrets and is going to share the inside scoop with you now; the Novus Anti-Aging Center, conveniently located in Studio City!

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