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Glen Clarkson
(Patient Care Provider)

About Glen Clarkson (Patient Care Provider)

Meet Glen Clarkson, our passionate Patient Care Provider at Novus. Glen’s career began in the entertainment industry, where he spent over 25 years guiding the careers of on-camera talent. This extensive experience has lent itself beautifully to the anti-aging industry, where Glen now leads clients towards achieving their optimal health and wellness goals.

Glen’s journey into health advocacy started when he turned 50, becoming a champion for adults over 40 to embrace their best lives. His commitment to fitness and the outdoors, from competing in Crossfit for over a decade to enjoying activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, underscores his belief in active, healthy living. At Novus, Glen combines his wealth of experience with a personal dedication to helping others, ensuring that each individual he works with is on the path to wellness and vitality.

Glen Clarkson Patient Care Provider

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