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Novus Anti-Aging Center is an integrated medical practice that provides a variety of health and wellness services by combining a modernized approach to Western Medicine with complementary therapies while maintaining an emphasis on the body’s natural healing abilities.

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The Novus Anti-Aging Center is a proud partner of CareCredit and we enjoy offering alternative financing solutions to all clients.

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Novus Anti-Aging Center brings over 20 years of medical expertise by examining, diagnosing, and treating various conditions that arise from an imbalance of the body’s natural systems. Our mission is to offer each patient the highest standard of care using both holistic and conventional treatments to reach their best state of health in the shortest amount of time.

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We are passionate about the services that we offer to our community and our integrative medicine practice allows us to maximize on your body’s natural healing systems by using an inside-out approach. Allowing you to reach your optimal health goals and enjoy life to the max!


Stem Cell Studies

“The human umbilical cord is an increasingly popular source of cells being developed for cell therapy. The reasons, often reiterated, are the noninvasive harvest from tissue normally discarded at birth, the relatively high cell yields, and a phenotype that parallels that of mesenchymal stromal cells from other tissue sources. These cells are now being employed in human clinical trials, while also providing a cell source for an increasing number of preclinical and basic studies.”

Testosterone Insufficiency And
Treatment In Women

Like a band leader prompts a band to march and play at different intervals, our glands must target our every tissue, organ, and body system to control growth, musculature, bone density, metabolism, emotional and sexual response by sending messages through these hormones:


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