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Dr. Shah,
(Medical Director)

About Dr. Shah (Medical Director)

Dr. Shah obtained a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences at the University of Chicago on a half-ride merit scholarship. He subsequently completed medical school at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine on a full-ride merit scholarship.

He obtained these scholarships in part from developing a system to combat abusive behaviors among academic journals attempting to artificially boost their impact score, and the creation of a patient care program through the Veterans Affairs’ (VA) social work department to help disadvantaged veterans obtain better access to healthcare.

After completing medical school at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Shah returned back to Los Angeles to train at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He remains in Southern California where he balances in-person and telemedicine clinical responsibilities.

Dr. Shah has teamed up with Novus to expand his passion for functional medicine, collaborating on ways to improve patients’ health using regenerative medicine, healing from the inside out.

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