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Hair Growth – Nutrafol

Do you know the root cause of your hair loss? It’s genetic, yes. Your culprit genes prompt hormonal imbalance – specifically, an overabundance of the testosterone by-product DHT.

But many factors can trigger a genetic predisposition for pattern baldness in men and women: thyroid imbalance, UV exposure, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, extreme stress, and even long term use of certain medications.

With so many potential aggravators of hormonal hair loss, figuring out how to regrow hair for men and woman has been quite a challenge.

The cosmetics industry is brimming with hair loss medications—but once you try them long term you’ll discover many don’t really work, or cause a slew of unwanted side effects. Although hair loss affects 80 million Americans, there are only two FDA-approved drugs to date, with no new integrated, holistic innovations since 1988!

This baffled Stephanie Wolff and her team at Novus Anti-Aging Center. For years, they researched the functions of hair loss and hair restoration. Finally, they discovered that an international team of researchers had developed and tested a supplement that works: Nutrafol supplement therapy for hair loss in females and males of all ages, with all hair types.

They are determined to get you growing hair without suffering side effects. Is it possible to regrow hair? See for yourself what Core for Men and Core for Women can do for you.

Why hair loss pharmaceuticals fall short

For decades, conventional medicine’s most common hair loss solution has been prescribing finasteride pills with minoxidil topical treatment.

But Minoxidil was originally created to battle hypertension. It triggers the widening of blood vessels, which can make you debilitatingly drowsy and dizzy. And if you want to keep your hair growing, you have to keep taking it, of course.

However, long term finasteride use increases your risk of prostate cancer, and can cause:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • abnormal ejaculation
  • decreased libido
  • skin rash
  • swollen hands
  • swollen breasts
  • tender breasts
  • runny nose
  • headache

Then came the aggressive marketing of Biotin—an essential B vitamin (B7) supplement shown to be effective only for women with biotin deficiency! There have been no randomized, controlled trials demonstrating that Biotin can generate hair growth in any other patients.

Are you the right candidate?

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What is Nutrafol?

After shedding strands at age 21, and taking a 10-year gamble on these pharmaceuticals, former fashion model Giorgos Tsetis founded Nutrafol Inc. Gaining a full head of hair just wasn’t worth struggling with scalp irritation, dizziness, and erectile dysfunction – which his doctor warned could become permanent.

Giorgos stopped taking all his prescriptions, and became obsessed with finding a hair loss alternative between harsh prescription drugs and common vitamin supplements. He formed a research team of experts, who developed a hybrid between therapeutic botanicals and neutraceuticals (standardized pharmaceutical nutrients).

Unlike Biotin’s single vitamin, the Nutrafol ingredients that comprise Core for Men and Core for Women therapy include:

  • EVNolMax: vitamin E and tocotrienol antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation
  • Sensoril® ashwagandha: this adaptogen fights hair-damaging stress
  • hydrolyzed marine collagen: a moisturizing protein that also diffuses nutrients
  • BCM-95® biocurcumin: an antioxidant that protects hair follicles from free radicals
  • USPlus® saw palmetto: an anti-inflammatory that fights hair-thinning DHT

After diligently assessing your age, genetics, general health, lifestyle, and degree of hair loss, Stephanie will prescribe a custom dosage and duration. She will always guide you through follow-up care, and is happy to address your questions or concerns any time.

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You don’t have to deal with unproven, side effect-laden pharmaceuticals. Nutrafol’s five bioavailable ingredients target multiple causes of hair loss, helping you regenerate your mane naturally, while providing whole health benefits. Schedule a consultation with a Novus team member today by calling (310) 954−1450 or contact us here.

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