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Hormone Therapy for Men- 12 Things to Expect From Treatment

Your hormones are always doing a balancing act inside your body to regulate various aspects of your physiology. Our hormone therapy for men tests whether your hormones are performing with the equilibrium needed to keep you at the top of your game. Then we offer a variety of treatment options with results you will be able to see and feel.

Hormone Therapy for Men: 12 Things to Expect From Treatment

Overview of Your Heath

The first step in testing your hormones will be a conversation with a member of our experienced medical staff. We’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle, like whether you’ve had any significant medical issues in your life and whether you are seeing signs of a hormonal imbalance.

We’ll ask about your diet, your exercise routine, and your goals for the future. At Novus Anti-Aging Center, we do more than treat the physical symptoms you’ve been experiencing. We strive to treat the causes of those symptoms, bringing you benefits from the inside out.

Blood Testing

There are a variety of tests used to determine whether your hormones are unbalanced, particularly your testosterone levels. A blood test may be used, but accurate results are sometimes difficult to achieve because hormones can bind to certain proteins making them harder to detect. However, a blood test will give a good overview of your hormone levels.

Biochemical Testosterone Delivery

If you do require treatment for low testosterone, it will be in the form of biochemical testosterone delivery. There are several different ways of raising testosterone in your body, and one might be better for you than another. It is important that you do not introduce too much testosterone at once. Your health professional will help you make the right decision.

You can expect biochemical testosterone to be given in one of three ways. An oral pill or lozenge, called a troche, may be used. You may also have an injection that puts testosterone directly into the blood. Or, an implant can be embedded under your skin to introduce small, consistent amounts of testosterone into your body.

Increased Sex Drive

Once your testosterone levels are balanced, one result you can expect is that your sex drive will be increased. You will be more interested in sex, and you will experience sex in ways you used to when you were a younger man.

Your sex life is part mental and part physiological. Hormones can wreak havoc in both areas, causing your sexual satisfaction to seriously decline. Having your hormones in harmony will bring you back to the person you once were and help you achieve a highly satisfying sex life once again.

Improvements in Erectile Dysfunction

If you struggled with ED, balancing your testosterone can bring huge changes in this area. You will find that it is easier to have an erection and to maintain it.

Erectile dysfunction can not only affect your physical sex life, but it can cause you to lose confidence in your sexual abilities and to not enjoy sex like you used to. When you get your testosterone under control and can beat erectile dysfunction, you will have a better mental outlook on your sexuality and other areas of your life.

Higher Sperm Count

Your low or unbalanced testosterone can lead to a low sperm count, making it harder to impregnate your partner. If a low sperm count has been a problem for you, hormone balancing can help you increase it.

Increased Overall Fertility

Many times there are several different factors at play in male infertility. If you’ve had trouble with your fertility, you may find that proper levels of sex hormone therapy for men can increase male fertility in a number of ways.

Better Mental Health

Improperly balanced hormones can cause problems in your mental health. Male hormone therapy can help with depression and anxiety you may have been recently feeling.

Focus and Concentration

Hormone balancing therapy can also help to improve your focus and concentration, allowing you to perform better at work and in intellectual pursuits. With the right levels of testosterone and other hormones, your entire mental outlook can change.

More Energy

You will find that a lack of proper hormones can seriously decrease your energy levels. You may just not feel like getting up, working out, or performing physical tasks. When this lack of physical motivation is combined with mental health problems, the results can be overwhelming. You may be losing the desire to work around your home, to do your job, or to support your relationship.

Healthier Body

Your total health is affected when you have a hormone imbalance in your body. When you have been properly treated for low testosterone or other imbalances in your hormones, you will find that it is easier to drop excess weight and build muscle. You’ll be able to get excellent results from working out in ways you may not have experienced in many years.

When your hormones are not in concert with each other, there are negative results for almost every part of your body and your life. Hormone therapy for men is a way to put those hormones back into harmony with each other. The biggest result you will see from having your hormones in proper balance is that your body will start to feel like it did years before the aging process shook things up. Call Novus Anti-Aging Center today and reach out to a medical team who can treat your hormone imbalance and help you get your life back on track.

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