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How to Fix ED- 8 Benefits of Stem Cell Exosome Treatment

If you’ve never heard of exosomes, you’re not alone. But treatment with these hard-working biochemicals can be the key to correcting erectile dysfunction (ED). They are naturally present in all bodily fluids and, more nimble than whole stem cells, and can repair nerve and tissue damage in the penis. At Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, CA, we know how to fix ED using exosomes, and if you’re curious to learn more, we encourage you to keep reading.

How to Fix ED: 8 Benefits of Stem Cell Exosome Treatment

1. Reverses ED

Achieving an erection is not as easy as it sounds. It is a process that requires multiple steps, including the increase in blood flow. If any step is out of sync, nerves are damaged, or blood vessels are constricted or damaged, men can fall victim to ED.

Research shows that exosomes can safeguard muscles from cellular death, help nerves regenerate, and prevent scar tissue (such as after injury or surgery). They can also repair damaged nerves so that, as a treatment, exosomes help reverse ED in multiple ways.

2. Safe for Most Patients

Exosomes lack cellular structures, so they don’t pose a risk of rejection once they are within the body. This makes the treatment safe for most patients, including those with diabetes. This condition is a common cause of ED, but in providing a treatment that is universally well-tolerated, we’re able to reach a broad spectrum of men who are in generally good health and need restoration of sexual function.

Our office is particularly cautious about this treatment. We use exosomes from Kimera Labs, which tests every exosome donor for 14 different viruses. This goes well beyond requirements put forth by the FDA to ensure the safest and most effective therapy possible.

3. Treats Age-Related ED

ED is prevalent in older men, affecting around 50 percent of males age 50 and 60 percent of those age 60. We can attribute this to two factors: ED becomes more common in later years because body processes and tissues change, and age-related diseases promote ED. For example, ED is two and three times more likely in men with diabetes.

Exosomes target age-related ED in a variety of ways. It reduces collagen deposits and promotes smooth muscle regeneration to encourage healthy erectile function. On a deeper level, it also promotes new blood vessel growth. This last factor is key because it allows for stronger blood flow to the penis, which can in turn lead to more powerful and longer-lasting erections.

4. Long-Term Results

In choosing how to fix ED, it’s helpful to know which option provides the longest-lasting results. Exosome therapy works from within the body to heal and regenerate tissues. This is very different from more traditional therapies that simply work to mask symptoms. Oral medications, for example, last for one sexual encounter, temporarily opening blood vessels so men can achieve erections.

But these medicines do not treat the root causes of ED. Exosomes do and, for that reason, they deliver long-term results. You can expect to enjoy the effects of treatment for about a year. At that time, we can provide maintenance treatment for continued sexual functioning.

5. More Satisfying Erections

While common treatments provide temporary results, they do not necessarily pave the way for sexual satisfaction. By this, we mean that they don’t help to stimulate nerve and tissue function. Many times, both of these lack in men with ED. Because exosomes work at such a minute level – that is, to regenerate nerves and tissues – they provide for more satisfying erections.

This topic rarely accompanies ED conversations, but it should. Sex should be a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Exosome treatment helps ensure this by enhancing penile sensation. Both partners can therefore benefit from the therapy.

6. Increased Sexual Stamina

When it comes to intimacy, achieving erections and feeling pleasure is not enough. Men in particular are expected to have some degree of stamina to provide their partners with pleasure as well. Exosome treatment helps in this area by providing longer-lasting erections.

How is this achieved? With increased blood flow. This is a crucial element in sustaining erections. By repairing old blood vessels and encouraging the growth of new, treatment helps you last longer for increased intimacy.

7. Reverses the Effects of Peyronie’s Disease

Men with Peyronie’s disease (PD) commonly feel hopeless. Its most marked symptom is a curved penis caused by the accumulation of scar tissue. For some men, sex is no longer an option either because of intense pain or ED. Treatment has largely relied on complex surgery or supplements – neither of which make most men feel comfortable.

Until now, that is. Exosome therapy can reduce scar tissue and encourage healthy penile function. Specifically, it can:

  • Fuel the body with new cells
  • Stimulate additional cellular growth
  • Reawaken dormant cells to resume function
  • Improve blood flow
  • Restore nerve sensitivity
  • Increase penile girth and length

Restored Sexual Function

In short, this treatment can restore sexual function in men who otherwise may have given up on it altogether. Studies show it can even straighten the curvature, and for many men, this equates to a new lease on life.

8. A Natural Option

In taking oral medications for ED, patients set themselves up for needing additional medications to offset undesirable side effects. Some pills that temporarily improve blood to the penis, for instance, also cause headaches and diarrhea.

Exosome therapy does not pose this conundrum because it works with the body’s natural processes to heal from within. That’s an important distinction, as natural healing therapies are always more beneficial than those that are not. They don’t pose risks or stress the body, and this option in particular eliminates the need for surgeries that require extensive recovery.

Exosome treatment is a non-invasive and pain-free way to effectively treat ED. It is safe enough for most patients, including those with diabetes, and treats the root causes of ED. This means regenerating penile nerves and tissues, encouraging healthy cell growth, and safeguarding against cellular death. Call Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, CA, today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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