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Shock Wave Therapy for ED Near Me- The Best Way to Fix ED

For most men, sex is an essential mode of expression. When we start to feel a loss of sexual ability through occasional – or frequent – bouts of ED, we start to lose connection with our partners and ultimately ourselves. Shockwave therapy is a proven solution that can absolutely change your life. If you’ve been wondering where is there shockwave therapy for ED near me, The Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, CA is serving the greater Los Angeles region with this remarkable treatment.

It’s Not Just You

Sexual decline in men is extremely common, and it’s reported that about 52% of men experience some form of at least occasional erectile dysfunction (ED) starting at age 40. While aging is a normal factor in all this, the problem is also unfortunately felt by young men too. Some 26% of them – about half of all ED cases – are experienced by men under 40.

The Best Way to Fix ED

There may be many reasons for ED, but from a purely mechanical standpoint, they all come down to one big answer and that’s blood flow. Researchers believe that as much as 80% of all ED cases boil down to this one problem. Simply put, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive treatment that rebuilds great blood flow to the penis. Goodbye ED, hello better, firmer, longer-lasting erections for the long term, without any pills or hassle.

Where Can I Find Shockwave Therapy for ED Near Me?

Shockwave therapy has been in use for medical applications for many years in the U.S. The therapy has been used in Europe as a treatment for ED for more than 20 years, with dozens of clinical studies attesting to its effectiveness. The therapy is now available in the U.S. and it’s changing lives for many thousands of men and their families. In the greater Los Angeles region, we are ready to serve you as experts with this breakthrough therapy.

Is Home Near Enough?

While visits to our Studio City clinic can solve your ED problem, we take the shockwave concept one step further and offer our VIP patients the NovoWaveTM technology that they can use in the comfort of their own homes. The effects of ESWT are long-lasting, but now you can keep the great effects going year after year by treating yourself.

Not a Cover-Up: a Remedy

The conventional "remedy" for problems with ED is a drug that was originally developed to fight heart disease. While the drug that was eventually named Viagra didn’t actually work for angina, the researchers noticed that men sometimes got erections about a half-hour after taking the pill. This happy accident led to a huge, multi-billion-dollar industry. That was more than 20 years ago, which is a lifetime in medical technology.

Today there are better ways to solve ED. Pills don’t fix the blood flow problem. They help relieve it for short periods of time – often long enough to have sex (though not always). The underlying problem of insufficient blood flow never gets fixed, though. It just gets papered over for a few minutes or hours. Fixing the problem at the cellular level is what shockwave therapy for ED is all about. After successful treatment, you won’t need pills anymore.

Your New Best Friend: Angiogenesis

Our bodies have amazing abilities to restore their own components. Everyone has had literally hundreds of cuts in their skin by the time they reach adulthood, but most of us can count visible scars on two hands or less. When the body sees damaged or disturbed tissue, it sends out agents to regenerate new replacement tissue.

Here Comes More Blood

Blood flow comes from our vascular system. When the shockwave treatment is applied, a disturbance is made in the specific vasculature that’s important to the penis and your erections. The body sees the disturbance and immediately starts to build new and more blood vessels out of your existing ones. The older vessels get unblocked by the disturbance, and the new vessels are pristine, with ideal blood flow. This process is called angiogenesis and it’s almost like a fountain of youth.

What Is the Experience Like?

Low-frequency sound vibrations are applied to your penis. The therapy is painless, but you can feel the pulsing that’s unblocking your blood vessels 15-30 times per second. In our office, we’ll apply a numbing cream the minimize any discomfort. There’s no downtime from the therapy. You go back to your routine as soon as you leave the session, which takes about a half-hour.

How Long Before the Real Me Is Back?

Many patients feel a change the very same night of their first treatment, which is not surprising. However, it takes time for the full process of angiogenesis and tissue renewal to take place. The optimal rebuilt results come about 15 weeks after treatment. You can, of course, have sex any time you want during this period. We’re betting that you’ll want to!

Is It Effective?

There have been many studies on European ESWT patients, along with follow-up studies on how well they felt a year after their treatment. The typically reported success rate after therapy is about 70%, which in itself is pretty impressive. Our practice does even better than that. We’ve treated thousands of men and we attain success and satisfaction rates between 80-90%.

Is It Just for ED?

No! For many men, it’s a way to optimize and even supercharge their sex lives. Firmer erections that last longer can take many men to places they’ve never been to before, along with their partners.

How Can I Get Started?

The first step in solving a problem is understanding the problem. Insufficient blood flow is the definitive problem in the vast majority of men’s sexual function. Every pill for ED that’s on the market is designed for this very issue. They’ve helped many men, but pills are inconsistent, expensive, and often have side effects. Today we – you – can do better than pills for ED. Visit us at Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, CA!

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