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Shockwave Therapy for ED – What to Expect

For most men, a satisfying sex life is the center of their physical and mental well-being. Over the course of time and age, many men experience a natural diminishment in their sexual abilities. There’s no reason to settle for this anymore. Men can now achieve sexual performance and drive that brings them back to their youthful prime — and better.

Shockwave: The Breakthrough

One of the most dramatic advancements in men’s sexual health has been the introduction of shockwave therapy for ED (erectile dysfunction). This treatment, which has been used successfully in Europe for over two decades, has become available in the U.S.

Simply put, shockwave – or as we call it, NOVOWave™ –is the strategic use of sonic waves to break up damaged or clogged tissues in the genital area. Your body is equipped with powerful healing agents that are designed to repair compromised tissue.

This is why a cut in the skin scabs over in moments and broken toes heal themselves in weeks. Shockwave therapy hacks the body into sending out healing agents to the treated area, where they start to grow fresh new tissue. This is called "regenerative" medicine.

Shockwave Therapy for ED: What to Expect

Shockwave therapy is a radically better way to treat occasional or even long-term ED. Up until now, men had to either live with their condition or put a band-aid on the problem by taking a pill. Once the effect of the pill is gone – a matter of minutes or hours – the problem is still there. And for many men, those pills just don’t work anyway.

This therapy takes a different approach. Rather than mask the effects of the problem like a pill, the treatment dives deep into the body – all the way down to the cellular level — to fix the actual source of the problem: the damaged tissue. The treatments are easy and convenient, and the effects are long-lasting. Here’s what to expect:

During Treatment

Performed on a convenient outpatient basis, a single treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. Although the treatment is generally painless, our experts will make doubly sure of your comfort with a topical anesthetic to your penis. Once you’re numb, the shockwave device is passed over the penis. Most patients don’t feel anything other than a sense of vibrations going through their genital area.

After Treatment

By the time you get home from your session, your body is already fast at work building new tissue to replace the tissue that the treatment deliberately disrupted. Every man’s physique is different, so the number of treatments needed will vary, but it usually takes at least six sessions, spaced over the course of weeks, to fully solve an ED problem.

Many men report feelings of enhancement on the very first night of the first treatment. That said, it takes about 8-12 weeks before the body has fully rebuilt fresh, vigorous new tissue that provides the easy blood flow that makes for (very) satisfying erections.

Fixes What Pills Can’t

The key to a good erection and sexual stamina is vascular circulation, better known as blood flow. Researchers believe that as much as 80% of ED complaints can be traced to poor blood flow. It’s a fact of life that as you age, your blood vessels constrict and become blocked with plaque.

When you take an ED medication, the pill temporarily widens constricted blood vessels for better blood flow. Our shockwave therapy lets the body build new (and more) unconstricted blood vessels in a process known as angiogenesis, which builds new blood vessels out of pre-existing vessels. Unlike pills, the effects of shockwave therapy for ED last for years.

Is It Proven?

Not only is shockwave a well-proven therapy for men’s sexual health throughout the world, but our own track record with it is even better. Most of the clinical studies that have been done over two decades show success rates that hover at 80%. Those are great numbers for sure, but ours are even better.

Most clinical trials for shockwave use conservative application of the therapy, usually only 3,000 and 7,000 pulses per treatment. Our state-of-the-art technique applies 14,000 pulses per treatment, as much as quadruple the power of earlier methods. That’s why we can claim success rates of 95%.

It Gets Even Better

While it usually takes 8-12 weeks for the treatment to rebuild tissue, the body doesn’t just punch out the timeclock when those weeks are over. The process can keep building for months after treatment. Of course, you’ll already be enjoying the effects of the therapy long before that.

It’s worth noting though, that follow-up studies of shockwave patients report high satisfaction a year after the treatment. Most clinical trial results are published as soon as possible after the study is done. When you see satisfaction percentages from patients who are still high a year later, you know the treatment hits the mark.

Not Just for ED!

Many men are intrigued by the idea of optimizing their sexual response through shockwave therapy. They should be – you don’t need to be troubled by ED for this to be a healthy way to tune up your sex life. Shockwave therapy can bring many men to new heights of sexual performance and endurance.

It’s a fact of life — no matter how well you take care of yourself with diet and exercise, your tissues are still going to age, and your blood vessels will continue to develop plaque. Shockwave therapy can provide a sexual tune-up that can help any man. Simply put, the treatment makes your erections better, the long term. What man wouldn’t like that?

The first step is to resolve that you are dissatisfied. Not just with your abilities, but also with the band-aid solution of taking a pill in order to have sex (maybe). Sex should be natural, not a matter of running to the medicine chest and then to bed. With shockwave therapy for ED, you can be natural for the long term. Call Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, CA for a consultation today.

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