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Stem Cell Exosome P-Shot | Q&A | Novus Anti-Aging Center

The solution for sexual performance issues is finding the right treatment that meets all of your needs. One of the most popular sexual performance treatments around is stem cell exosome P-Shot therapy. Not sure what this treatment is about? Check out our quick Q&A for everything you need to know about this treatment.

Stem Cell Exosome P-Shot Q&A

1. What Is a Stem Cell Exosome?

You can think of an exosome as a messenger sent by stem cells that helps carry directions from stem cells to other cells. Usually, the message sent by stem cells is directions for your other cells to act like they did when they were younger. Exosomes are almost like a cell tower signal that ensures each message sent by stem cells gets to the correct cellular recipient.

2. Why Exosomes and Not Stem Cells or Plain PRP?

The fact that exosomes are such efficient message carriers is one of the reasons why a P-Shot treatment is so effective – in fact, this treatment is more effective when paired with exosomes than with stem cells, likely because the exosomes make it easier for your surrounding cells to acclimate to the actions of the therapy.

In this therapy, the exosomes help regenerate your blood vessels. This process, called angiogenesis, is especially important for boosting sexual performance, since the formation of new blood vessels will increase blood flow to the penis and make it easier to sustain erections, which in turn boosts sexual performance.

3. How Long Does This Treatment Take?

Your treatment appointments should take about one hour to complete. This is because at our clinic we prefer to combine this treatment with Shockwave therapy so that the regeneration of your tissues can produce faster results. Overall, the exosome shot itself takes about five minutes, in addition to the time it takes to draw your blood and create the PRP solution.

4. How Long Until You Can See Results?

Many patients can start enjoying the results of this treatment as soon as three to four weeks after having an exosome P-Shot treatment. Compared to other sexual performance treatments, the results of this treatment are much quicker for the majority of patients. On the other hand, some patients may require two to three months to enjoy results. Ultimately, how quickly you can see results will depend on your unique biology and how well you respond to the treatment.

5. Can You Enhance Results?

Yes! Shockwave therapy, acoustic wave therapy, and The Phoenix system can all enhance the results of this treatment so you can boost your sexual performance faster. This is because these additional therapies cause micro-traumas in the treated area, which is then fixed by the exosome therapy. Because exosomes help regenerate new tissues more quickly, you are essentially culling the damaged tissues contributing to your low sexual performance and replacing them with healthy tissues in one step.

6. When Should You Consider Treatment?

Now! The best time to start on your treatment is as soon as you notice that the symptoms of low sexual performance are interfering in your ability to enjoy your life or having a healthy sex life. If you’re currently using another treatment, such as acoustic wave therapy or The Phoenix, then you should strongly consider adding exosome shots to your treatment plan so you can enjoy faster, more comprehensive results.

7. Who Is Not a Good Candidate?

While many men can benefit from this treatment, it’s important that you understand if you are eligible for this treatment. Those who are not good candidates include those who are still smoking and those who have high blood pressure or diabetes. The reason you are not eligible for this treatment if you have these conditions is that smoking, high blood pressure, and diabetes all cause uncontrolled activity in the blood vessels, which can undo the results of your treatment. To be a candidate, you need to stop smoking and get your health conditions under control.

8. How Does This Treatment Work?

Part of this treatment is combining exosomes with a traditional PRP shot treatment. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is a solution that is made from your own blood plasma. Your blood plasma contains many self-healing properties that can help regenerate tissue and boost the blood flow to the affected area. Combining exosomes with PRP is the best way to ensure that your healing is quick and your results are effective.

Creating your PRP solution starts with a small blood draw, usually about the same amount of blood you might donate for a blood draw, which is then placed into a special centrifuge. The blood is spun around at a high speed to separate the red blood cells from your blood plasma, which results in a clear or pinkish solution that is then transferred into a syringe and combined with exosomes.

9. Is It Safe?

Yes! Because this treatment uses your body’s own natural regenerative properties, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. There is also very little risk of scarring from the exosome shots due to the small size of the needle used for the treatment.

10. How Successful Is the Treatment?

This treatment is hugely successful for the vast majority of men who seek this therapy, particularly when the shots are combined with additional sexual performance therapies. Of course, the success of your treatment can only be measured by you and your expectations. If your goal is to have firmer, longer-lasting erections and more spontaneous erections, then you will likely be satisfied by this treatment.

Correcting your sexual performance boils down to the ability to choose a treatment plan that meets your needs and addresses the cause of your sexual dysfunction at the root. For the vast majority of men, this means creating new blood vessels and restoring the amount of blood flow that is reaching your tissues. Stem cell exosome therapy is an effective treatment option for most patients. For more information about P-Shot treatment, contact Novus Anti-Aging Center today!

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