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Stem Cell Exosome Therapy- How Long Does It Take?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more than a physical condition. It also wields an emotional toll, causing feelings of embarrassment that no man likes to talk about. But at Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, LA, we invite these difficult conversations so we can share an exciting treatment option with you: exosomes therapy. It restores penile function for a pain-free and effective end to ED.

Understanding Exosomes Therapy

Exosomes are biochemicals found in stem cells. They perform a variety of functions, including triggering cell repair, that are crucial to health. When extracted from stem cells, as they are for the purposes of this therapy, they become extremely pure and agile. These traits allow them to aptly deliver platelets and proteins to the penis in ways whole cells cannot.

Exosomes do not have the structure that stem cells do and therefore pose far fewer risks. They cannot turn malignant, replicate, or become infected with viruses. They are also less likely to cause immunogenic responses. Because exosomes stimulate cell repair, using them to treat ED is one of the most promising ways to restore penile function.

Current Medications

Right now, streamline medications like pills, vacuum devices, and penile implants only manage the state of ED. They don’t repair or address the cause, so at any time they might stop providing symptom relief.

These therapies are also associated with a broad range of side effects. Pills can cause, among other things, dizziness and joint paint, vacuum devices can cause bruising, and implants can cause mechanical failure.

Regenerative Medicine

Exosomes therapy falls under the category of regenerative medicine, which is vastly different from the treatments mentioned above and potentially far more powerful. It seeks to reverse ED by:

  • Replenishing corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells (CCSMCs)
  • Protecting penile tissue from cell death
  • Repairing damaged nerves
  • Reducing tissue inflammation and scarring
  • Promoting the growth of healthy blood vessels

Up to this point, penile damage – such as that which men are born with or that is caused by injury or surgery – has been perceived as irreversible. ED was therefore managed as a symptom rather than a condition. But exosomes harness the body’s internal healing processes to treat the underlying causes of ED; this allows men to once more achieve spontaneous erections.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you begin treatment, you can expect to see full results within 12 weeks. During this time, cells are essentially reprogrammed by the exosomes, a process that takes between six and 10 weeks. However, you’ll start to see some benefits much sooner, including erections that are more frequent, longer-lasting, and more spontaneous. Some men report immediate improvement.

Our office uses P-Shot Therapy, which combines your body’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with exosomes for a more potent effect. PRP naturally contains growth factors that improve penis size and vitality. It also stimulates blood flow to the penis to ultimately enhance and strengthen erections.

Therapy Benefits

After therapy with the Exosomes P-Shot, men enjoy:

  1. More sexual stamina
  2. Greater sensation
  3. Higher pleasure
  4. Increased penis length and girth

With this therapy, we address two different concerns: erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual performance. After treatment, many men are able to stop other therapy modalities to eliminate unwanted side effects. Results commonly last for a year, at which time we recommend follow-up treatment so you can enjoy continued sexual function.

A More Potent Combination

We combine PRP and exosomes to deliver the most innovative and effective treatment possible for ED. PRP is known to assist with the physical aspects of penis health, meaning girth, strength, and possibly even length. Exosomes, meanwhile, work from within to restore erectile function. On top of this, both therapies are natural, so they’re well tolerated by most patients.

What to Expect From Treatment

During your session, we draw blood from your body to extract the PRP. That and the exosomes are then injected into the penis after we apply a numbing agent. The process is pain-free and comfortable, performed within our discreet offices. Once injected, the combined effects of these therapies begin to rejuvenate penile cells and nerves.

A great benefit of this treatment is zero downtime. You can resume normal activities, including returning to work, the day of treatment. We may provide you with some individual instructions, depending on your needs, but this is a relatively quick and easy therapy.

A Closer Look at ED 

We often think of ED as an age-related disease, which it is. But this narrow perception can preclude us from recognizing that younger men also deal with the condition. In reality, ED affects approximately:

  • 26 percent of men under 40
  • 50 percent of men at age 50
  • 60 percent of men at age 60
  • 70 percent of men at age 70

Around half of younger men with ED experience severe symptoms. The good news is that exosomes treat most physical causes of ED, including diabetes and clogged arteries. It can even restore penile function in men with Peyronie’s Disease, a condition largely caused by scar tissue accumulation that, before now, had few treatment options.

Is Treatment Safe?

This therapy is safe for almost all patients, especially those who haven’t previously responded well to other treatments. It’s ideal for those who don’t want surgery (implants) and are looking to treat the root cause of ED rather than mask symptoms. It’s also safer than whole stem cell therapy without the side effects of oral medications and vacuum devices.

We recommend that patients be in good health with physical causes of ED (this treatment does not work on psychological causes like stress). It’s also ideal for men who simply want to amp up their sexual performance in the most natural way possible, without supplements or pills that likely bring no benefit. From patients with prostate problems to those with penile injuries, this treatment can likely help.

Thanks to exosomes, a pivotal moment in ED treatment has arrived. Treating the underlying cause can fully restore sexual function when that previously may not have been possible. Although exosomes address common aging pathways, they can also help younger men by rejuvenating penis health. Call the caring staff at Novus Anti-Aging Center in Studio City, LA, today to schedule your consultation.

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