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Stem Cell Treatments

Worldwide studies have shown that Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are able to migrate to damaged cells in your body and stimulate regeneration. Our team at Novus has the most innovative means to assist them. And the most passionate patients to prove it.

Regenerative Medicine Helps The Body Heal Itself

Bill limped into our waiting room, leaning on his walker after every couple steps. Part of his left leg had gone numb from sciatica nerve pain.

We knew our stem cell therapy could regenerate worn, damaged joint tissue for a variety of orthopedic injuries. But we were thrilled to see that a few weeks after Bill’s injection, our MSCs also regenerated the nerves running through those joints! He strutted in without his walker, enjoying more mobility and coordination than he’d experienced in months. And, he was smiling – because he was feeling a lot less pain.

We saw with our own eyes what studies demonstrated years ago: that mesenchymal stem cells promote the functional recovery of crush-injured sciatic nerves, and speed up the healing process in injured peripheral nerves.1

Novus practitioners strive to relieve your pain and revive your function through this natural process that can succeed only if the stem cells injected are of impeccable quality.

Our MSCs: just moments old

You may have heard that “adult stem cells” can be extracted from your own bone marrow and fat tissue – the cheapest source, which doesnt require much screening or cleaning. The problem is, your stem cells are as old as you are. Which do you think would be more successful at regenerating your damaged tissue – stem cells that are decades old or stem cells that are only a few minutes old? You don’t have to be a scientist to figure that one out.

Your “adult stem cells” are creatures of habit, and have already half-decided what type of cell they want to become by the time they’re extracted, so practitioners who use these MSCs must first add certain crucial enzymes. This manipulating can cause some of the stem cell horror stories making the news circuit.

One woman who was injected with MSGs from her own bone marrow grew small bones in her face after an anti-aging facial. Another three women lost their vision after a doctor injected fat tissue stem cells in their eyes (the added enzymes essentially helped turn those MSCs into fat cells).

What’s being done to prevent more horror stories? The FDA has limited how much these unregulated doctors can manipulate these stem cells, and what they can be used for. Another popular source is umbilical cord blood. It’s safer than adult bone marrow and fat tissue, but contains significantly less MSCs per mL – it’s nowhere near as effective at regenerating damaged cells.

Umbilical cord tissue (also known as Wharton’s Jelly) is the safest and most effective stem cell source. Its MSC count is vastly greater than any other source of stem cells (per mL), so it provides the most potent regeneration.

These MSCs don’t require any additives or alterations before being injected. Maximum potency with minimal side effects – the regenerative practitioner’s dream. But before we can get our hands on them here in our regeneration suite, these premium stem cells need to be processed and safely delivered by a trusted supplier.

Our supplier: an industry leader

These days stem cell demand has taken on a Gold Rush like intensity, so the market out there resembles the Wild West – not many regulatory guidelines and plenty of room for error.

Our supplier, Predictive Biotech, is not just jumping on the band wagon. This premier lab facility is recognized as the leader in regenerative medicine. Predictive is incredibly compliant and has the most sophisticated lab in the industry. They have delivered over 50,000 allografts (donated umbilical cords) to date, with the most advanced technology in regenerative medicine on the market.

In order to nurture your healing environment in the least invasive and disruptive way possible, their stem cells are:

  • triple screened
  • cleaned
  • quarantined and cryogenically frozen

This meticulous clinical preparation ensures that the stem cells we deliver to your tissue are safe, viable, and uncompromisingly preserved. The stem cells we inject here in our regeneration suite at Novus are the highest quality available – that’s why they so effectively cooperate with your body’s functions to supplement, cushion, protect and support your damaged joints and tissues.

Our time-tested treatments

At Novus we offer a variety of stem cells treatments to replenish your healing environment for a wide array of conditions.

Single Joint Injection is highly recommend if you have a particular joint that is causing persistent, long term pain. This direct dose will regenerate the cartilage around your bone, alleviating joint pain, and in some cases may even regenerate nerve damage.

Wellness Stem Cell IV is a robust overall health booster that we deliver to alleviate various types of chronic inflammation all over the body.

Stem cells are smart. Once injected into your body, they’ll seek the spot with the most inflammation and begin their work. There’s no guarantee that IV delivered stem cells will go to your preferred injury area, as they may detect red flag inflammation that needs them even more elsewhere. For example, if you come in for a Stem Cell IV to treat a torn knee meniscus but your liver is in worse shape, the stem cells are likely to migrate to and regenerate the more severely damaged tissue.

Stem Cell P-Shot (for men) and the O-Shot (for women) are the most popular treatments at Novus. Our sexual wellness therapy combines stem cells with your body’s own PRP to help treat sexual dysfunction like vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction.

Our team at Novus Anti-Aging Center is always striving for that next milestone. The benefits of regenerative medicine are seemingly endless, and we’re excited to share our techniques and victories with you. Call us for a consultation today at (310) 954−1450 or contact us here.


1.Sung MA, Jung HJ, Lee JW, Lee JY, Pang KM, Yoo SB, Alrashdan MS, Kim SM, Jahng JW Lee JH. Human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells promote regeneration of crush-injured rat sciatic nerves. Neural Regen Res. 2012 Sep 15;7(26):2018-27

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