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The Exosome P-Shot Q&A

In this Exosome P-Shot Q&A video, CEO of Novus Anti-Aging Center Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C, and Center Director David Dumbroski answer some of the most frequently asked questions about The Exosome P-Shot.

Exosome P-Shot FAQs

Q: What Is the Stem Cell Exosome P-Shot?

The Stem Cell Exosome P-Shot, also called The Exosome P-Shot, is the most successful treatment for male sexual performance that we know of. This injectable procedure uses the power of stem-cell exosomes to boost the effectiveness The P-Shot, a treatment that utilizes a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enhance performance.

Q: What Are Exosomes?

Exosomes are incredibly small fluid-filled bubble-like structures that cells create to communicate information to other cells. They help regulate cellular processes in the body like metabolism and nervous-system functions.

Exosomes contain neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers. Exosomes from stem cells also contain a number of vital proteins, allowing them to trigger the healing process to regenerate damaged tissue.

Q: Why Exosomes and Not Stem Cells or Just PRP?

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, we’ve seen more impressive results with The Exosome P-Shot than with The P-Shot with stem cells. Exosomes regenerate many types of tissue, including blood vessels. When new blood vessels are created, this process is called angiogenesis.

Exosomes offer several benefits. Their size helps them travel through the body more easily than stem cells for more effective healing. Because of their size, more exosomes can fit in a P-Shot vial than stem cells; 5 billion exosomes can fit in a single 5cc P-Shot vial. Additionally, exosomes do not carry the same potential risks that stem cells do, making treatment even safer.

Q: How Can The Exosome P-Shot Improve Sexual Performance?

Exosomes regrow penile tissue, including blood vessels, improving blood flow and circulation. This leads to firmer erections and more spontaneous erections, resulting in improved sexual performance. The Exosome P-Shot also increases sexual stamina, improves appearance, and enhances pleasure and sensation.

Stephanie Wolff talks about exosomesQ: How Long Does the Treatment Take?

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, the entire Exosome P-Shot treatment session takes around an hour.

A small sample of blood must be drawn, and platelets and plasma must be separated from the other blood components. The PRP must then be combined with exosomes, followed by The Exosome P-Shot injection. This injection process only takes five minutes.

Shockwave therapy is also performed during The Exosome P-Shot treatment session.

Q: How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The Exosome P-Shot’s results can be seen in anywhere from one to three months after the treatment session. The exact amount of time varies from patient to patient.

Q: Can It Enhance Results from Acoustic Wave Therapy or The Phoenix?

Yes, it can enhance the results of either treatment. The Phoenix and acoustic wave therapy create therapeutic microtraumas in the tissues, encouraging the body’s natural healing process. The Exosome P-Shot also addresses these microtraumas, creating even more enhanced healing for improved results.

Q: When Should You Consider Treatment?

If you’re interested in improved sexual performance, now is the perfect time for this treatment. Patients who are currently undergoing acoustic wave therapy or treatment with The Phoenix are advised to wait until their treatment cycle has been completed.

Q: Who Is Not a Good Candidate?

The Exosome P-Shot increases blood flow and creates new blood vessels. Smoking causes damage to the blood vessels in a process called vasoconstriction. It also decreases blood flow. High blood pressure and diabetes can also negatively affect the blood vessels and blood flow. These all work against the positive effects of the treatment.

Because of this, smokers are not ideal candidates for this procedure and must quit smoking before considering treatment. Patients with high blood pressure or diabetes must take measures to address these issues before considering treatment.

Clinical Research

The Exosome P-Shot is still undergoing research, so it is not available everywhere. To find out more about this revolutionary treatment, look over the following published clinical studies on stem cell exosomes and sexual performance:

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