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The Hair Myth of Biotin

So many hair growth promises, so little time! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sundry ads and flashy packaging hair loss products present. You can’t do your own efficacy study, and finding quality research takes time and some scientific savvy.

That’s why thousands of baldness-fearing patients gravitate toward the most popular and accessible solution. They often turn to Biotin, an essential B vitamin (B7) supplement. It comes in liquid, capsule, and even gummy bear form – but does it actually regrow your hair?

If you read as many randomized, controlled trial results as Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C has, you’d have discovered long ago that the answer is no. A dearth of high efficacy studies, and a wealth of advertising hype have allowed myths around biotin for hair growth results to run rampant.

It took multiple synergistic effects to degenerate your hair follicles, and it will take more than one vitamin to regenerate them. That’s why Stephanie and her hair restoration team at Novus Anti-Aging Center have never prescribed this generic treatment.

Instead, they deliver and monitor Nutrafol supplement therapy for hair loss in females and males – which each have a distinct baldness pattern and unique hormonal levels, requiring customized dosing. Rather than relying on one single-action vitamin like Biotin does, Nutrafol’s five potent ingredients target multiple root causes that may be stimulating your loss.

Is it possible to regrow hair? Yes, so long as you nurture your whole body with the vitamins and nutrients that it’s lacking. For a customized, monitored Nutrafol protocol, click here to take our “hair quiz” and see which protocol personally works best for you!

What Biotin doesn’t do

It’s normal to shed some hair during your telogen hair growth cycle, but if you’re losing clumps of it with each gentle tug, then you’re likely dealing with male or female pattern baldness. Why me, you ask? Your genes are only partially to blame. These diverse factors may be conspiring to cause your loss:

  • long term tobacco and alcohol use
  • excessive UV ray or heat styling exposure
  • medication side effects (beta blockers, antidepressants, blood thinners)
  • fungal growth
  • decreased blood supply to follicles (ischemia)
  • insulin resistance
  • inflammation
  • autoimmune disease
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • estrogen imbalance (birth control or menopause-induced)
  • thyroid imbalance
  • omega 3 and 6 fatty acids deficiency
  • excess vitamin A
  • iron, lysine, protein deficiency
  • vitamin B deficiency

Vitamin B deficiency – that’s one cause out of 15. And yes, one study showed that biotin supplements are effective only for women with biotin deficiency. However, if any of these other factors are causing your shedding, you’re out of luck with Biotin. There have been no randomized, controlled trials demonstrating that Biotin alone actually regenerates hair in any other patients.

Few of our new patients realize that too much vitamin B supplementation can also cause faulty nutrient and hormone level lab test results. It can even skew level detection of cardiac troponin – the protein used to detect heart attacks. Taking Biotin can increase your chance of inaccurate diagnoses.

Why Nutrafol is the better alternative

Core for Men and Core for Women supplement therapy prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth via the regenerative properties of these clinically-validated Nutrafol ingredients:

  • USPlus® saw palmetto: a powerful anti-inflammatory that targets hair-thinning DHT
  • Sensoril® ashwagandha: a potent adaptogen that fights hair-damaging stress
  • BCM-95® biocurcumin: a robust antioxidant that protects follicles from free radicals
  • hydrolyzed marine collagen: a protein that moisturizes and diffuses nutrients
  • EVNolMax: tocotrienol antioxidants combined with super vitamin E that reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress on your scalp

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Hair regrowth requires just as much synergy as hair loss. Why bother with Biotin, when Nutrafol offers a five-pronged, evidence-based regeneration strategy? Click here to take our “hair quiz” and see which protocol personally works best for you!

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