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What Is Peyronie’s Disease

In addition to conditions like erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease is a lesser-known ailment that also affects men’s ability to have a regular sex life. So, what is Peyronie’s disease? Also known as penile curvature, Peyronie’s disease is a condition that results from plaques (segments of fibrous scar tissue) developing on the penis. These plaques usually develop on the dorsal side (top) of the penis.

Another characteristic of Peyronie’s disease is a distinct curved and painful erection. The severity of this may vary, but it is always best to get diagnosed to know for sure. It is important to understand what this disease is and how it can affect you. These are the six things you should know about Peyronie’s disease.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease? 6 Things to Know

1. Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

The cause of Peyronie’s Disease is not completely understood, but it is believed to be a result of injury to the penis. This injury need not be severe, and it can stem from vigorous sex, athletic injury, or any other kind of accident. Not everyone who sustains a penile injury will get Peyronie’s disease.

Some researchers believe that Peyronie’s formation might be genetic or environmental, but no substantial evidence has been found on this. Men with family members who have Peyronie’s disease have an increased risk of getting it.

2. Symptoms

Symptom’s of Peyronie’s disease can develop gradually or appear suddenly. The common symptoms are:

  • Curvature of the penis
  • Issues with erection
  • Painful erections
  • Lump on penis
  • Penile shortening
  • Other penile deformities

It is important to note that not all men with Peyronie’s disease may need to get treated. Men with no pain during erections, no issues arising during sex, and not much curvature may not need treatment.

3. Curvature of the Penis

As stated above, the plaques usually develop on the dorsal side of the penis. But they can also form on the bottom or side of the penis. Some men will have more plaque, which results in more painful and complex curvatures. These plaques make the tunica albuginea in the penis stiffer and will cause the penis to bend either upward, downward, or sideways when erect depending on where the plaques form.

Tunica albuginea is the name given to the thick, fibrous layer that extends the length of the penis. It is composed of two parts: an inner circular layer and an outer longitudinal layer. It is involved in maintaining an erection by expanding the length of the corpora cavernosa penis and the corpus spongiosum penis, the erectile tissue and urethra, respectively.

4. Additional Penile Deformity

In some cases, there are plaques that develop all the way around the penis. In these cases, the uniformity/symmetry of the plaques usually does not cause the penis to curve when erect but may cause what is sometimes called bottlenecking.

Bottlenecking is when the shaft of the penis narrows, similar to the neck of a bottle. In extreme cases, plaque may collect calcium and become hard like bone. Other men have reported penis shrinkage.

5. Life with Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease can worsen the quality of life for those who develop it. Men who have Peyronie’s disease may become depressed because of it. Men with Peyronie’s disease are oftentimes too embarrassed to consult with a doctor.

Many may be afraid of surgery or the potentially harmful side effects of medications that treat the symptoms rather than the cause. But with advancements in technology, there are ways to treat Peyronie’s disease with no surgery at all.

6. Traditional Options for Peyronie’s Disease

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment and having a physical examination is usually enough to be diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease. Some cases do not need treatment; Peyronie’s goes away on its own in some people or the symptoms never become too serious.

The doctor may prescribe a pill or an injection directly into the scar tissue of the penis. Surgery is usually only for those in severe pain or who cannot have sexual intercourse due to their condition. It is important to note that results for these procedures vary and there are new technologies that may provide much more satisfactory results.

NOVOWave™ for Peyronie’s Disease

The NOVOWave™ by Novus Anti-Aging Center is a new, non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free alternative to treating erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. This FDA-cleared procedure uses acoustic sound waves that work by opening up the blood vessels that are associated with erections.

The NOVOWave™ procedures consist of a series of 15- to 20-minute treatments. Numbing creams are also used to make the treatment virtually pain free. The pulsating acoustic shockwaves work by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in the penis to increase blood flow to the penis and, in turn, enhance sexual function. The procedure also stimulates new nerve tissue growth in the penis. The results are satisfactory and long-lasting.

Who Is NOVOWave™ For?

NOVOWave™ is used to treat the source of problems related to male erections. By performing procedures on the blood vessels, the results are stronger, longer-lasting erections with a decreased refractory time between orgasms.

NOVOWave™ is for those who:

  • Have erectile dysfunction
  • Have Peyronie’s disease
  • Are just looking to improve their sex lives

NOVOWave™ is suitable for those over the age of 30 with or without a medical condition.

Next Steps

If you have noticed any changes to your penis, particularly after sustaining any kind of injury, you should see a doctor. After getting diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, you can make an appointment with us and our expert team will walk you through all of your options.

If you are ready to see if the NOVOWave™ is right for you, contact Novus Anti-Aging Center today and request a callback to book an appointment at our Studio City location. Don’t let embarrassment or depression stop you from getting the life-changing treatment we have to offer.

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