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Why Do Men Always Want Sex?

Understanding why men always want sex can give you a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your relationship. In this article, we’ll learn why men want sex all the time, signs that we’re frustrated, and what you can do (from a guy’s perspective).

Why Are Men Always Horny

For men, sex isn’t JUST about the physical. It’s connected to so many other aspects in our lives like confidence, self-worth, connection, and validation.

For some, it’s a means to feel valued/validated/needed by their partner.

For others, it’s a means of connection. Sure it might be hidden behind all that machismo, but in most, if not every guy, there’s a need to connect emotionally as well and the physical connection is a means to provide that.

Since sex is rooted in so many aspects of a man’s being, the desire for it seems non-stop.

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Signs Your Man Is Sexually Frustrated

It’s true, men think with their dicks. And we’re not the most emotionally intelligent either. To be honest, I’m not sure if most men even realize sex is more than just about the physical. But whether it’s realized or not, it can’t be denied otherwise sexual frustration wouldn’t rear its ugly head in all these different ways.

1. Communicating Less

Sex is a means for emotional connection and when there’s little sex, there’s going to be little emotional connection. When we’re not feeling connected, you might find that we are not communicating with you as much, or wondering how your day was…you get the idea.

2. Emotionally Unstable (aka Being A Jerk)

Is the once stable and supportive man…no longer stable and supportive? Mood swings much? If his valleys seem lower than normal, the lack of connection stemming from the lack of sex could be destabilizing his emotional core.

3. He’s Spending More Time On His Hobbies

Do you find that he’s investing more time at the gym? Or golf? With his friends? Work? Not to say he shouldn’t be, but there is a healthy balance and if you feel like he’s not wanting to just be with you, he might not feel as connected with you. The more connected, the more time he’ll want to spend with you.

What You Can Do About His Sexual Frustration

Silhouette of a happy couple during sunsetDealing with sexual frustration is a JOINT RESPONSIBILITY. Men need to be making EVERY effort to meet his partner at their emotional connection points. When that’s happening, then ladies…

1. Although It’s Not Your Priority, It Might Be His

If his priorities were always placed before yours, that would be horrible. Just how you need communication and emotional support, your partner may need sex. Again, not just for the physicality, but because of everything it’s tied to (validation, emotional connection, and more).

2. We Get Tired Too

Your reasons are ALL VALID. It’s when the excuses are consistent that it makes us feel less of a man and not wanted. Imagine everyday for a week, if he were too tired to talk about your horrible day? Or even 6 out of the 7 days he was just not emotionally available to you? It would be a horrible feeling and the same applies here. Consistent excuses communicate a lot.

3. Paradigm Shift

It’s more than just sex for men. It’s really difficult because men and women often approach connecting with each other on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. This is a generalization, but women find connection through quality time, words of affirmation, emotional support. It draws them closer to their man and it culminates to sex. Men on the other hand, often feel the emotional connection through the physical.

I’m not proposing that women just give it up to keep a guy happy. Instead, I’m proposing to see his desire for sex as a desire to be close to you.

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