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How to Increase Your Load

Men often come to Novus Anti-Aging Center asking how to increase their load. When it comes to this subject, there are numerous sources of information online, many of which are factually incorrect. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to know which sources you can actually trust.

By visiting Novus Anti-Aging Center, you’re getting your information straight from the experts. Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C is a board-certified sexual wellness specialist and the nation’s leading expert on sexual wellness. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge she has accrued over the years, patients trust her to help them achieve their sexual-wellness goals.

Facts About Ejaculate

When it comes to learning how to increase your load, it helps to remember that the average amount of semen varies from 1.5ml to 7.6ml per ejaculate. This is a very wide range.

Additionally, ejaculate is only made up of 10% sperm. This fact often surprises people. The remaining fluid in ejaculate comes from two sources: the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. The seminal vesicles are tubular glands that become full when patients avoid ejaculating. As the muscle tissue associated with these glands contracts, seminal fluid is moved into the urethra for ejaculation.

The majority of seminal fluid is made up of fructose. Other elements include prostaglandins, amino acids, enzymes, potassium, and zinc. All of these elements work to help keep sperm alive inside the vagina.

Steps You Can Take

If you find yourself on the lower end of this spectrum when it comes to the average amount of semen per ejaculate, there may be steps you can take to increase your load.

First, it’s recommended that you avoid ejaculating for a couple of days. Taking this time to avoid ejaculating will allow your body to increase the amount of fluid produced by the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.

It’s also recommended to stay well hydrated. Not only does this mean drinking plenty of water, it also means avoiding activities that can cause you to sweat, since the body loses water through sweating. If you participate in physically taxing activities like heavy exercise and sports, drinking more water to compensate can help.

It’s best to avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, and drinking caffeinated beverages. These result in vasoconstriction, or constriction of the blood vessels.

Factoids: Premature Ejaculation

For men experiencing premature ejaculation, it can be helpful to learn more about this frustrating issue in order to develop a better perspective on it.

  • Did you know that on average, 20% to 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation? It’s more common than many people think.
  • In terms of time frame, what is considered premature? From the moment of penetration until ejaculation, 1.8 minutes of sexual intercourse is considered premature ejaculation. Non-premature ejaculation is gauged at 7.3 minutes of sexual intercourse.

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