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The Health Benefits of Sex | The Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles

Sex has never needed much of a PR team, as there is one pretty big benefit – it feels good. However, there are more health benefits of sex than a dopamine boost. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction you’re not only being deprived of pleasure, but of these additional health benefits sex provides.

Having Sex is Good for your Immune System

Always sick with a cold? Try prescribing yourself more sex.

Research shows that those who have sex one to two times a week are boosting their body’s ability to create antibodies that protect against all kinds of bacteria and germs.

Pay attention to that co-worker who is always out sick, it might mean they’re victims of a struggling love life.

I wouldn’t rely solely on Vitamin “D” or “V” however, keeping your immune system boosted takes more than just regular sex – a proper diet, sufficient sleep, and consistent exercise are all still key components to healthy living.

Sex is a Workout

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, and your time in the bedroom counts as added time at the gym. Your heart rate increases and various muscles are utilized, resulting in burning 5 calories per minute.

Men specifically receive great health benefits to their hearts. Studies show that men in their 50’s who are sexually active at least twice a week have a reduced risk of heart disease compared to their less lucky counterparts.

The number of heartbeats per minute peaks during orgasm, making it a climax in every sense.

Sex Reduces Pain

You now have a built-in excuse to have sex when your partner has a headache.

A fantastic health benefit of sex is the pain chemical compounds that it releases. First is oxytocin. The “love hormone” prompts a sense of calm that reduces blood pressure and cortisol.

Additional pain-relieving chemicals released include serotonin, phenylethylamine which activates the brain’s pleasure center (it is also found in chocolate if you need further proof), and the body’s natural painkillers – endorphins.

Endorphins are a natural opioid with a chemical structure similar to morphine. No wonder the natural high of sex is unmatched.

Sex Can Make You Look Younger

We’re all about naturalistic anti-aging at Novus Anti-Aging Center, and sex can be better than any plastic surgery.

Psychologist Dr. David Weeks’ study indicated that those who had sex at least 4 times per week with a regular partner were perceived by others to be 5 to 7 years younger than their true age.

This isn’t just in the mind though, regular sex releases estrogen which produces hyaluronic acid; resulting in more skin moisture and therefore reduced wrinkles. As well as testosterone which can prevent muscle loss, weight gain, and thinning hair.

Your Sex Life is Important

The health benefits of sex go far beyond pleasure, and if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and want to reclaim your body reach out to The Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles, CA today.

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