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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction (ED): An Essential Guide to Causes, Impact, and Solutions

Few things can be more damaging to a man’s self-esteem than being unable to perform to his satisfaction in the bedroom. If you’ve been experiencing ED during sex or masturbation, there are far more treatment options now than just popping a pill or undergoing surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments at Novus Anti-Aging Center

At Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles, we offer both men and women a range of powerful treatments, such as hair restoration, chronic pain healing, and radiofrequency microneedling. But when it comes to our pioneering sexual wellness procedures, we’re truly unmatched.

Led by Board-Certified Physician Assistant Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C, The Novus Anti-Aging Center has invented and perfected multiple non-surgical, evidence-based ED therapies. We’re here to help you fully understand this condition so you can proactively regain your sexual confidence.

What Causes ED?

A lot of physical and mental processes go into getting and maintaining an erection, and all of them need to be on the same page. If “the spirit is willing,” but your body isn’t cooperating, a few of the major physical causes could be:

  • Lack of proper penile blood flow
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Nerve damage
  • Scar tissue (micro plaque)
  • Diabetes
  • Enlarged prostate or prostate cancer
  • Medication

Scar tissue, in particular, is not stretchy like the surrounding healthy penile tissue. Therefore, every time you get an erection, that healthy tissue is stretched beyond its normal limits to compensate for the scar tissue. This can gradually cause a chain reaction of more and more scar tissue forming, called Peyronie’s Disease. The micro plaque created by Peyronie’s Disease can block blood vessels, worsening ED.

What Are the Impacts of ED on Men?

One or more of these contributing factors can mean not being able to easily achieve and maintain quality erections. Some patients may experience dulled sensations and weaker orgasms. For patients with Peyronie’s Disease, the symptoms can be downright painful, with men often experiencing bumps or a significant curvature.

What Are My Options?

To treat these symptoms, our expert staff will usually recommend the P-Shot® or low-intensity acoustic shockwave therapy. During a P-Shot® session, we’ll take a small amount of your own blood and run it through a centrifuge to separate out the PRP (platelet-rich plasma). PRP contains the blood’s regenerative qualities.

By injecting PRP, we encourage the body’s growth of new blood vessels and the healing of nerve damage for improved stamina and sensation. We can also combine the P-Shot® with exosomes for enhanced results.

For smoother blood flow and to eliminate the micro plaque from Peyronie’s Disease, we have The Phoenix at-home device and the even more powerful, in-office NOVOWave™ shockwave treatments. Using their pulsating soundwaves, we can break up scar tissue and open the blood vessels for massive improvements in sexual functionality.

It’s Time to Make A Change

Erectile dysfunction can be emotionally debilitating, but there is hope for a better future with renewed sexual energy and firmer, longer-lasting erections. If you have ED in Los Angeles and are interested in speaking with a highly trained member of our team about which procedures might be right for you, contact Novus Anti-Aging Center today to schedule your initial consultation.

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