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Reviews and Patient Testimonials


From the first time I contacted them, and spoke with Dustin on the phone, to visitng the clinic the first time and every visit since, I am astonished by the quality and friendliness of everyone. Almost to the point where they feel like friends. Friends you can talk about anything and everything with and it makes each visit very easy. I started out with the Novowave and P-shot treatments and have now also signed up for the platinum program for hormones and supplements. I have seen a big change since I started. More with the former treatments but starting to feel the effects of the latter too. I had almost immediate, very noticeable, results from NW and P-shots. Stem Cells took a bit longer but it's going really well. Both in terms of erection quality and size. - Tomas J. 50s

The staff was very professional, they know what they’re doing. My NOVOWave treatment tremendously improved my well-being! - Jerry C. 50s

I’m 72 years old and I have a great 64 year old girlfriend.  I was doing okay, we wouldn't have a lot of sex, I was taking a lot of ED products, and I didn’t feel great about that.  My goal was basically to enjoy a healthy sex life and not take so many drugs. I had 6 novowave sessions and a PRP and Stem Cell shot.  I’m getting better erections every day. I’ve cut my meds way down, and me and my girlfriend have sex all the time, like last night and early this morning. I woke up at 1:30am with an erection. Then I woke up at 3:30am erect again, then we both woke up at 4:30am and did it again.  This doesn’t happen to just every 72 year old guy. There’s a lot of mental programming when you have ED, like "What’s going to happen tonight?"  It’s not cheap, but neither is cialis and viagra. One thing that’s important about this, I used to take viagra, then l-arginine. If you have an erection, ED drugs will help you keep one, but they’re not a solution for everyone, it does not work with your biochemistry.  The novowave machine is really different. Right after the first treatment you can feel something is going on and you can notice it. The PRP shot and stem cells, I am certainly quite pleased with. I'm now having sex 6-8 times a week! - Walter G. 70s

I love Dustin and Stephanie at Novus. Thanks to the NOVOWave treatments I literally get erections just from walking around now. - J. C. 30s

Hormone Balancing

As a man, it’s not exactly fun to admit that you don’t have much desire for sex. I thought it might be my thyroid, but my doctor told me I was fine. When I met with Stephanie and told her my issues, she knew it must be hormone related. Sure enough, my tests came back and my testosterone was nearly non-existent. I’ve been on the Novus program for almost 6 months now and I’ve gained almost 20 pounds of muscle, I feel decisive, and definitely have my sex drive back. I wish I met Stephanie 3 years ago. She saved me and my marriage. - Roy F. 30s

I’ve been a health nut my whole life. But the last 15 years, I’ve had this stubborn 10lbs that I couldn’t lose. Stephanie put me on bioidentical hormones and within a week, I felt amazing. I was sleeping better, had more energy and guess what? After a month, I lost those 10 pounds. Woohoo! Thank you, Stephanie! - Margo S. 40s

I’ve always been into fitness, but never could really get the body I wanted. I dieted, exercised like crazy, but never had that hard body definition I craved. Until I met Stephanie, I had no idea that all my hard work was being stunted by having a hormone imbalance. I’m a year into the program now, and I just signed up for my first bodybuilding competition - and I’m in my 40s! I finally have the body I’ve always dreamed of. - Gino L. 40s

I was already working with a doctor on my hormones because I was unhappy with how I felt and looked. I wasn’t seeing any results and a friend referred me to Novus. After my first consultation with Stephanie, I could tell she was far more knowledgeable than my doctor. She adjusted my medications and within a few weeks, everything changes. I’m no longer getting injured in the gym and I finally have 6 pack! So awesome! - Mark D. 40s

I had no idea that my adult acne was being caused by my hormones. People throw that word around so casually, but I don’t think they know what they are talking about. Stephanie got on a program that worked so quickly. I’ve lost weight, my skin is clear and I feel amazing! - Natalie P. 30s

I love the care and attention I receive from all of the staff members there. They took a real interest in my health and well-being and created an individualized approach for my health. My sex life was rather non-existent prior to working with Novus. This was a detriment to me, my partner and our relationship. After working with Novus to identify the issue, they created a protocol to correct my issues, and I feel like a new man now. I don't think I was this powerful or eager even as a teenager. A strong wind now gets me aroused! I plateaued on a lot of my lifts for a while, and I thought this was just my maximum capacity of work on these lifts. After working with Novus, I crushed my old PR's on all of my lifts: C&J, Snatch, Back Squat, Front Squat, etc. Not only did I beat my old lifts, but I finally got rid of my stubborn tummy fat and became super vascular again. Working with Novus was/is one of the best decisions I made for my health. I love this place! - Jay D. 30s

Thanks to the hormone balancing program I set a new PR Monday with a 400 lb deadlift and finally broke into the 1,000 lb club with 1,010 lbs total.  Now that my lower back is feeling 100%, my goal is to add to my squats and get to 1100 lbs. - Curtis W. 50s

Stem Cell Therapy

From the first time I contacted them, and spoke with Dustin on the phone, to visitng the clinic the first time and every visit since, I am astonished by the quality and friendliness of everyone. Almost to the point where they feel like friends. Friends you can talk about anything and everything with and it makes each visit very easy. I started out with the Novowave and P-shot treatments and have now also signed up for the platinum program for hormones and supplements. I have seen a big change since I started. More with the former treatments but starting to feel the effects of the latter too. I had almost immediate, very noticeable, results from NW and P-shots. Stem Cells took a bit longer but it's going really well. Both in terms of erection quality and size. - Tomas J. 50s

For me, Novus is a safe place to reveal my insecurities and physical body frustrations. The staff is kind, knowledgeable, and attentive. I go there almost daily for cryotherapy. I also have done hormone replacement therapy, including testosterone and treatments including Novowave, PRP and Stem Cells. At 47 years young I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. I feel like I look good and people are noticing a difference in me. I carry myself with a new level of confidence and that is absolute perfection to me. I will be forever grateful for Novus (Stephanie, Dustin and Kristina) for their vision, experience and care. - Doug R. 40s


Dear Stephanie and Dustin,

I wanted to let you both know how happy I am with the results from my Novowave and P shot treatments. As you may remember, I was skeptical about the treatments even after starting, but I am so grateful and couldn't be happier with my results. I definitely feel, (as does my lady), that I have stronger, easier to achieve and more frequent erections now. I also have seen an increase in size (length and width) which I did not expect. Also notable is an increase in sensitivity, which I've had to make some "adjustments" for. I want to thank you both and Kristina of course, for your excellent information and care during my treatments. I really could not be more pleased that I found you folks and your excellent clinic. - Mark S. 50s

GREAT EXPERIENCE AT THE CENTER!!!  Amazing husband and wife team that is very knowledgeable and helpful. Dustin was easy to talk to and helpful with guiding me down the path of success for an issue I thought was too tall to tackle. Stephanie was both gentle and comforting while being efficient at her work. I opted for the NOVOWave treatment plus the Stem Cell P-shot and WOW, I am so glad I did!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! - Eric C. 40s

I’m a massive skeptic about everything, to an unhealthy degree, so of course I was skeptic about the P-shot.  I used to dread date night with my wife, because I knew the time would come when my erection would disappear, along with it my wife’s satisfaction.  I always felt bad but one day I said enough was enough and I had to do something. Thank god I did, because now me and her literally can’t stop having sex.  To all skeptics everywhere, do your research, but take it from me, it's amazing and you have to give it a shot! - Joshua N. 60s


Everybody there is so awesome. I love Stephanie, I love Kristina, and I can’t wait to go back and do a facial or something. My life improved a lot, and I’m so thankful for that. The O-shot was pricey but worth it. - Delmy M. 40s

I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around why everyone loved sex so much.  It’s never really been that great for me all my life. But when I decided to finally try the O-shot, well, let’s just say I would gladly pay twice as much as I did for the months of great sex I’ve had since.  Seriously, I finally felt what I’d been missing my entire life. The O-shot is a miracle worker, and for women like myself who just seem destined to have a bad sex life, it doesn’t have to be that way! Everyone at Novus is incredible, and they really do care about making your life the best it can possibly be! - Jasmine K. 50s

Thanks to the O-shot, I don’t have any incontinence issues anymore, no more peeing when I cough or jump.  Lubrication is more frequent. The strength of my vagina has improved four-fold, I feel like I could pick up a suitcase!  And the intensity and duration of my orgasms has increased, almost too much. I like the staff and the atmosphere. They are authentic and genuinely invested in my well-being and I can truly feel that! - Cristie A. 30s

PRP Vampire Treatments

When my daughter visited us for spring break, she said “Mom you look like you’re glowing!” The great thing is, no one can really put their finger on what exactly I’ve done (unlike cosmetic surgery or makeup), all they notice is something looks good. The PRP treatment is really just a natural beauty enhancer, and for the first time I feel beautiful shopping at Trader Joe’s in sweatpants. - Melody R. 40s

My experience with Stephanie was amazing, I had a vampire facial and she explained the entire process well and answered any questions I had. I did not feel any pain and even though the results take several weeks to show, I have already received compliments that my face looks smoother and my complexion more even. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone. - Autumn K. 50s

Loved Novus! Had a PRP facial and a PRP facelift, and I love it! Can't tell you how it changed my skin and filled my deep wrinkles, especially in tear trough and cheeks. My skin is glowing and I can't believe how much of a difference it makes to have my cheek filled out. I love it! - Victoria A. 50s

What I like about Novus is the amazing and incredible Wolff’s! Besides that, the staff if super friendly. I love all the treatments that are offered to promote anti- aging in natural ways, especially the  PRP and stem cell technology. Novus has improved my life by offering trustworthy services. It eliminates the worry of falsely trusting and having the person behind the needle or treatment be dishonest with the results. The exact opposite can be said about Novus and Stephanie Wolff. She’s the most caring and knowledgeable medical professional I’ve ever met. She’s truthful, compassionate and has integrity in everything she does. I’m grateful to be her patient! The vampire facial and facelift have significantly IMPROVED my skin and appearance!! It’s the best skin treatment I have ever used to help reduce acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin pigmentation and fullness. I am a huge believer in the power of PRP! It really works! - Mary C. 30s

Hair Restoration

I rarely leave reviews, unless something is bad or beyond-words incredible. I felt like I should share my experience with everyone.  Stephanie was above all else, completely honest with me, and did not sugar coat anything. She told me what she thought the best course of action would be.  I found the PRP Hair Restoration treatment to be virtually painless with a fast recovery time. I am beyond happy with my results and can’t say enough good things about Stephanie and the staff at The Novus Center!!  I highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed. Sincerely, Mark. - Mark G. 40s

What can I say, I got some hair back!  PRP is the future, and my future looks like one less bald spot and a head full of hair. These people at Novus are awesome, they don’t bullshit, they’ll tell you straight up whether the procedure will work for you or not.  It sure as hell worked for me! - Carl I. 60s

I am very excited about my results that I have gotten from the Novus Anti-Aging Center’s Hair Restoration program! I have my hair again! It was thinning drastically and I was getting self-conscious. I did not like the thought of using chemicals on my scalp and I was trying to accept my thinning hair until I heard about Novus’s program. So I tried it and every 6 weeks my hair stylist would comment on all the new growth! It was very exciting to see the new hairs and how much they grew over the months. I am completely ecstatic over having my hair return and I am no longer self-conscious! Thank you Novus!!! - Steffi J. 50s


My husband and I come here for cryotherapy several times a week and it has helped SO much with muscle soreness and my low back pain related to a previous slipped disc. It's a really nice, clean facility and a family-owned business. They offer lots of other services in addition to Cryotherapy. Highly recommend this place for athletes or anyone wanting to feel better overall. - Juli C. 40s

Go online and you’ll find 100 places that do cryotherapy, but no one’s like the Novus Center.  The vibe is really positive, and the cryo room has this really cool neon blue light that adds to the atmosphere and really makes it an *experience.*  Not to mention the machine is freaking rad, you can play your music, and the staff is really helpful and courteous. Money well spent. - Anthony S. 30s

I did the pro setting for the first time at Novus, at -200 degrees for three minutes, it quickly becomes colder than Antarctica.  You play your favorite song (mine’s Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen), and you dance until the time is up. It’s cold but actually a lot of fun.  Running my own company takes a lot out of me, both physically and time-wise, but after a good cryo-session I’m always refueled with the energy I need to tackle the day.  It’s like my weekly ritual, and it’s made my Mondays feel like Fridays. 100% recommend for anyone looking to reach the next level in life and needing that extra energy boost or needing to shed those last few pounds before vacation. - Robert G. 50s

IV Nutrition

My buddy’s and I got some Superman drips before we went to Vegas for my Bachelor party. Not that I should be bragging, but man, did it help us get through that weekend. We pulled a ton of all-nighters without feeling tired. No way it would've happened without those drips. WE made sure to double up and got the Hydration drips upon return. It was awesome. - Chad G. 30s

After battling Lyme’s disease and finding no relief, I was told to get on IV Nutrition. Stephanie suggested an ImmuBoost IV. The whole process was easy and painless and after three treatments, my test results showed that my Lyme’s disease was gone! I couldn’t believe it! - Daniella R. 40s

I wasn’t sure about getting an IV in my arm and how that would help me lose weight, but I decided to give it a try and after even just one Weight Loss drip, I felt like I had so much more energy! This helped me stay motivated on my diet. This really works! - Sylvia D. 50s

I’m a stuntwoman and my body feels wrecked most days. One drip with Stephanie and I was dancing around my living room all night, pain free and ready to work again. What a god send! - Tara N. 30s

After the first Superman IV, I was surprised with how much relief I felt from hot flashes. I’m now getting them once a month and it’s really helping! - Kay L. 30s

I was somewhat skeptical at first when I heard about Novus. And I'm not really a fan of needles... But a friend of mine told me how much better they felt afterwards, so I gave it a try. I have to say it is amazing how clear headed and energetic I felt for at least two weeks after treatment at Novus. There is so much depletion in the foods that we eat, and so much smog and chemicals in the air that we breathe. It's a blessing to have a place like this to counterbalance the effects of all that and help us feel and look young. Also- the place was super professional and clean. Very cool technology. I'll be back!! - Dan W. 40s

“I felt so incredibly sick, I could barely walk straight.  Someone recommended an IV drip, and it was either that or suffer through a week of long, hard 12 hour work days plus full-time night school plus all the homework.  I knew if I felt like this the entire week my work and grades would suffer, and midterms were coming up, so I took a chance. I got the vitamin IV drip and OH MY GOD I FELT INSTANTLY BETTER!  Literally, a night and day difference INSTANTLY. I can’t speak the same for others or how fast it may work for you, but if you’re in dire straits energy wise or just got sick at the worst possible time, it may be the best possible time to get a drip.  No one takes care of you like Stephanie does. This is literally the best, coolest, most caring place for IV drips, hands down.” - Christian D. 20s

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