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Stem Cells

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If aching, throbbing, or shooting knee or shoulder pain is impeding your work, fun and lifestyle, you’re not alone – 25.3 million American adults have struggled with chronic musculoskeletal-related pain for the last three months of their lives.

Unlike traditional medicine practitioners who use arthroscopic surgery to repair injuries by removing tissue, bone, or cartilage, Novus regenerative practitioners strive to heal the root causes of your pain by stimulating your body to regenerate its own damaged cells. Then, after eradicating your pain, we strive to nurture your whole body to prevent it from returning. The long term goal? Regenerative medicine aims to develop cures for diseases and injuries once believed to be permanent or incurable.

The benefits of regenerative medicine like stem cell shoulder repair are seemingly endless. We at Novus Anti-Aging Center are excited to share with you our therapy techniques to help conquer your knee, shoulder, or other joint pain so you can walk, run, jump, swim, and dance whenever you wish to. Call our specialists for a consultation today at 310−954−1450 or contact us here.

What causes knee and shoulder pain?

Musculoskeletal-related pain is often caused by a number of conditions that are stimulated by aging, genetic history, diet, smoking, alcohol, environmental factors, or extreme physical strain. These conditions include:

  • rheumatoid arthritis: an autoimmune disorder that causes stiffness and pain
  • psoriatic arthritis: pain from sitting for long hours
  • osteoarthritis: growth of bone spurs and degeneration of cartilage at a joint; common in adults older than 45
  • bursitis: inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs (bursae) that cushion protruding bones and allow your muscles and tendons to move freely over your bone
  • gout: built up crystals in joints
  • tears and ruptures of ligaments and cartilage

How do stem cells treat joint pain?

Your knees, shoulders, and other joints are pulsating with billions of specialized cells (stem cells) that hold the power to replicate and regenerate muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective joints, and even bones. These cells just need to be stimulated.

The injured cells in your knee and shoulder muscles, ligaments, and tendons send out signals. When they’re injected into these injured areas, mesenchymal stem cells respond to those signals, migrate to the injured tissue, and release proteins that nourish and stimulate your own cells to begin regenerating. These growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines may:

  • activate T-cells to secrete proteins
  • open up your blood vessels and form new ones
  • move cells out of your blood vessels and into the tissues surrounding them
  • stimulate your cells to regenerate your tissue
  • inhibit your inflammation
  • regulate your immune system

The injected MSCs may continue producing human growth factors for weeks, sometimes even months. As with all medical procedures, stem cell joint injections treatment success depends on many factors including your age, body type, genetics, environment, state of health, and injury severity.

At Novus, we’re always reading up on the ever-evolving clinical trials and regulations to bring you the latest treatments and techniques available. A recent study published in the World Journal of Stem Cells demonstrated the efficacy of stem cell therapies for musculoskeletal pain treatment, which was shown to enhance patients’ quality of life.

Where do these Mesenchymal stem cells come from?

When aging and injury cause conditions like arthritis or gout, your stem cells hit a roadblock. Once you’re injured or past middle age, extracting your bone marrow or fat stem cells becomes more difficult because they’ve lost their continuous blood circulation. That’s why your Novus pain treatment specialist uses mesenchymal stem cells extracted from the youngest tissue possible – umbilical cord tissue.

Regenerative medicine specialists isolate MSCs from the umbilical cords of newly delivered babies, which are tested thoroughly in specialty labs before being delivered to our practitioners. Since mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent, they can transform into not just one, but into a variety of cell types: cartilage cells, muscle cells, even bone cells.

Novus Sexual Wellness sources its stem cells from Predictive BioTech, one of the pre-eminent public life sciences and stem cell companies in the United States. This Utah-based firm only extracts stem cells using the best technologies and sources. Predictive’s cells have never been rejected by a patient’s body, which speaks to the quality and safety of their stem cell products.

What can I expect from my Mesenchymal stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no general anesthesia, hospital stay, or long-term recovery time. You may be able to return to your usual activities after a brief recovery period.

Your treatment journey includes: an initial consultation, the injection procedure, recovery, and follow-up.

Stem Cell Therapy Consultation

During this visit, your Novus practitioner will discuss details of your knee, shoulder, or other joint pain, as well as your expectations, goals, and potential outcomes to determine whether you’re a good candidate for stem cell therapy. If you are, then a date for your procedure will be scheduled.

Your Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

On the day of your therapy, your Novus practitioner may give you a local anesthetic to prevent any pain during the injections. Then Mesenchymal Stem Cells will be injected into the area you’ve decided to regenerate. You should feel little or no pain from these injections. The process typically takes about thirty minutes.

Stem Cell Therapy Recovery

Your post-injection recovery time is usually minimal. Your practitioner will most likely discuss your expectations again and may offer advice regarding your specific case. When you feel strong enough, you may return to your usual daily activities, but will be asked to avoid heavy exercise or stress. Rest is advisable.

Stem Cell Therapy Results

Depending on your age, genetics, level of physical activity, environmental and other health factors, you may begin enjoying results within 6-12 weeks, and they tend to improve further for 6-12 months following your procedure. As with any treatment, results may vary.

What are the side effects of stem cell injections?

Most patients tolerate stem cell injections well, with few or no side effects, but some report slight pain or soreness near the injection site. All medical procedures present the possibility of side effects, and, as with any other injection procedure, there is a very small risk of bacterial infection NOT associated with the cells.

Discuss your medical history, expectations, and any medications you’re currently taking with your Novus practitioner to ensure environmental or medical conditions are not interacting with stem cell therapy.

If you experience any severe or prolonged side effects, don’t wait—contact your healthcare provider or seek emergency medical attention right away.

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Why walk, run, jump, dance, or swim looking older than you feel? Novus Anti-Aging Center’s innovative Mesenchymal Stem Cell treatment empowers you with a potent treatment option to fight pain and range of movement so you can enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.

To discover how stem cell shoulder repair, stem cell therapy for knees, and stem cell therapy for joints can help you reclaim your freedom of movement, call our specialists at Novus Anti-Aging Center today at 310−954−1450 or contact us here.

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