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PRP Hair Growth

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Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Regeneration Right for You?

Hair is a fleeting luxury for many people. Millions of people – both men and women – struggle with hair loss. The reasons for hair loss vary and can include disease, genetics, stress, and hormonal imbalance. Whatever the cause, everyone wants a solution and to enjoy a full head of hair.

For women, hair loss can be absolutely devastating. A woman’s hair is like her crown – it can define her whole look, feel and style. As any woman who is suffering from hair loss knows, thinning hair is a serious problem that can cause low self-esteem and deep embarrassment if left untreated.

Hair loss seems to be one of those inevitable effects of aging that most men cannot escape. It may not affect some as early as others, but it is fact that almost every man will likely face as the years tick by. However, new technology offers a permanent, effective and organic solution.

PRP Hair Regrowth Procedure

People who desire a non-surgical regrowth strategy that is safe and effective choose the Hair Regrowth Procedure. This innovative procedure combines PRP and nutrients injected into the scalp to encourage hair growth. Effective for both male and female pattern hair loss, PRP has also regrown hair in people who have alopecia areata, eyebrow hypotrichosis and other causes of non-hereditary hair loss. Effective for both male and female pattern hair loss, PRP has also regrown hair in people who have alopecia areata, eyebrow hypotrichosis and other causes of non-hereditary hair loss.

How Does Regenerative Hair Growth Work?

The regenerative hair regrowth treatment takes about 90 minutes to complete. First, a blood sample is obtained and is specially processed to produce the PRP. A local anesthetic is then administered to completely numb the scalp treatment area. The PRP and nutrients are combined and then administered via a series of injections over the full scalp or in a localized treatment area such as the eyebrows or beard.

The recovery from the procedure is typically uneventful. Pain is easily managed in most cases with non-narcotic analgesic medication such as ibuprofen. Some mild swelling of the forehead is occasionally seen one to two days after injections. This is normal and resolves within 48 hours. Avoiding vigorous activity is recommended until the swelling is gone. There is no other downtime or noticeable effects of the procedure. Patients can wash their hair normally immediately after the injections.

New hair growth can be seen as early as two months, but it is typically evident in four to eight months and will continue to improve up to a year after treatment. To date, results have been maintained without additional injections for up to two years in many patients, but no long-term data are available yet to conclude that hair growth is permanent.

What Types of Conditions Respond to the Regenerative Hair Regrowth Treatment?

The Regenerative Hair Regrowth technique is a versatile tool in the treatment of hair loss for a number of causes, including:

  • Male pattern hair loss, especially in the early stages of balding, or anytime there is a lot of miniaturized hair on the scalp
  • Female pattern hair loss at all stages of hair loss
  • Hypotrichosis (fine/reduced hairs) of the eyebrows or beard
  • Alopecia areata and alopecia totalis
  • Metabolic causes of hair loss, including iron deficiency and medication-induced hair loss

Before Hair Regrowth Procedure, there were very few effective non-surgical options in regard to hair loss and subsequent treatment. This new method is an ideal option for relieving the trauma surrounding thinning hair.

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Novus Success Stories

I rarely leave reviews, unless something is bad or beyond-words incredible. I felt like I should share my experience with everyone.  Stephanie was above all else, completely honest with me, and did not sugar coat anything. She told me what she thought the best course of action would be.  I found the PRP Hair Restoration treatment to be virtually painless with a fast recovery time. I am beyond happy with my results and can’t say enough good things about Stephanie and the staff at Novus Anti-Aging Center!!  I highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed. Sincerely, Mark. – Mark G. 40s

What can I say, I got some hair back!  PRP is the future, and my future looks like one less bald spot and a head full of hair. These people at Novus are awesome, they don’t bullshit, they’ll tell you straight up whether the procedure will work for you or not.  It sure as hell worked for me! – Carl I. 60s

I am very excited about my results that I have gotten from the Novus Anti-Aging Center’s Hair Restoration program! I have my hair again! It was thinning drastically and I was getting self-conscious. I did not like the thought of using chemicals on my scalp and I was trying to accept my thinning hair until I heard about Novus’s program. So I tried it and every 6 weeks my hair stylist would comment on all the new growth! It was very exciting to see the new hairs and how much they grew over the months. I am completely ecstatic over having my hair return and I am no longer self-conscious! Thank you, Novus!!! – Steffi J. 50s

Frequently Asked Questions

PRP for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

PRP therapy has also been shown to be effective at preventing hair loss and promoting regrowth of hair. It is commonly used in treating androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, and even female pattern baldness.

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