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Treatments for Men

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Erectile Dysfunction

Forget shots, pills, and embarrassment – the NOVOWave™ by Novus Anti-Aging Center is revolutionizing how erectile dysfunction is treated. A treatment with NOVOWave™ in Los Angeles involves acoustic sound waves that work by opening the blood vessels associated with erections. The first drug-free and surgery-free blood flow treatment solution was cleared by the FDA.

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Peyronie’s Disease

Novus Anti-Aging Center provides several effective treatments for Peyronie’s disease in Los Angeles. Peyronie’s disease causes the formation of scar tissue in the penis, resulting in issues like painful erections and a curve or bend in the penis. These issues can negatively impact one’s sex life, resulting in anxiety and self-consciousness.

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Sexual Performance

The Exosome P-Shot is a state-of-the-art solution for sexual performance issues. Thanks to its concentrated dose of exosomes, this minimally invasive injection-based treatment is even more effective than The P-Shot. It can improve sexual stamina, boost pleasure, give men firmer and more spontaneous erections, and more.

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Testosterone balancing and supplementation is necessary for men suffering from low testosterone. This condition often comes about naturally for men as part of the aging process, and it can also result from weight gain and stress. Low testosterone can result in problems with one’s sex drive, energy levels, and overall health. We can restore balance and optimize your hormones through one of several available BHRT methods.

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Chronic Pain Healing

ESWT is an innovative pain management solution. The shockwave is an audible, physical sound wave “shock”, not an electric one. Many years of experience, since the 1980’s in fact, have confirmed that certain pathological alterations of tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles and bones – in other words the root causes of your pain – can be eliminated systematically with this non-invasive therapy approach. In modern pain therapy, shock wave energy is applied to the painful body regions, where it can accelerate the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and improving blood circulation, and can regenerate and fully heal damaged tissue.
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Hair Restoration

Did you know that you produce ALL of your hair follicles during fetal development? There are approximately 5 million follicles located throughout the body with 1 million follicles on the head and 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp. You will not generate any additional hair follicles once you are born, this is all you get which is why we start to see the decline in hair follicles as we age and as our scalp expands. There are two distinct structures to this hair follicle; the follicle itself which is located below the skin and the shaft which is the visible part above the scalp.

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