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Testosterone Balancing and Supplementation

Puberty. Fertility. Andropause. Mood swings. Memory. Energy. All our biochemical life stages are regulated by our hormones. As testosterone is one of our most crucial hormones, unbalanced levels can stimulate or aggravate a slew of health conditions.

Your set of 50 hormones is like an orchestra, and testosterone, like the drummer, keeps the heartbeat, energy, and sexual libido strong and vibrant. Like musicians in an orchestra, our hormones must perform together, in tune, on pitch, at just the right volume and intervals for harmonious health to ensue. Because our hormones are synergistic, a low level of testosterone not only disrupts its own function, but can cause dissonance with other hormones.

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Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Jerry just wasn’t himself and everybody was beginning to notice – most importantly his wife Jeanette. Work stress and weight gain were becoming a bigger burden than they used to be in his early 40s. Even sex was beginning to feel like a chore, so he only indulged when Jeanette nudged, hoping to perform just long enough. He hated going to his friend’s 50th birthday parties, and declared that he would not attend his own if she should throw one.

During Saturday hoops with his buddies (his son was bored playing at his pace) he found himself getting a bit too breathless for comfort. He’d never had to sit out for so long, and he’d never felt his heart beat so hard. After a few minutes he returned to the game (as men tend to do). But later that day he opened an email from his basketball buddy about the link between Low-T and cardiovascular disease.

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