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Men’s Treatments

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, we provide a discreet and professional environment for individuals seeking male sexual services aimed at enhancing their intimate experiences and overall wellness. Our highly trained staff offers a range of services tailored to meet diverse needs, including personalized consultations, treatments for erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety management, and libido enhancement. With a focus on modern techniques and advanced technologies, we strive to empower our clients to reclaim their sexual vitality and confidence. Whether addressing specific concerns or exploring new avenues of pleasure, Novus Anti-Aging Center is committed to fostering a safe and supportive space where men can prioritize their sexual health and satisfaction.
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Treatments for Women

Novus Anti-Aging Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate female sexual services designed to enhance intimacy, confidence, and overall well-being. Our expert team offers a range of specialized treatments tailored to address various aspects of female sexual health, including arousal difficulties, orgasmic disorders, and vaginal rejuvenation. Through personalized consultations and cutting-edge techniques, we empower our clients to explore their desires and overcome any obstacles to pleasure. Whether seeking hormone therapy, pelvic floor strengthening, or aesthetic procedures, we prioritize discretion and sensitivity to ensure a comfortable and supportive experience. At Novus Anti-Aging Center, we are committed to helping women embrace their sexuality with confidence and vitality, fostering a space where they can prioritize their sexual wellness and fulfillment.
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Real Results

5 star review
Erectile Dysfunction
The staff was very professional, they know what they’re doing. My NOVOWave treatment tremendously improved my well-being!
5 star review


Everybody there is so awesome. I love Stephanie, I love Kristina, and I can’t wait to go back and do a facial or something. My life improved a lot, and I’m so thankful for that. The O-shot was pricey but worth it.
DELMY M. 40’S, NOVUS MEMBER, Novus Member

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