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The Phoenix

The Newest Technology for Men’s Bedroom Performance

What It Does First home-use medical device to deliver the same Acoustic Wave technology found in doctor’s offices and sexual wellness clinics like The Novus Center. Easy to understand indicators and instructions make this device safe to use at home – zero medical training required. ​Acoustic Wave Therapy is clinically proven to help treat a […]

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Does the P-Shot Actually Work?

The P-Shot can be a very effective way to address sexual health concerns, help you perform better in the bedroom, and enhance your self-esteem. As we age, we can tend to have shorter or softer erections, which can lead to performance anxiety that gets in the way of a healthy love life. Does the P-Shot […]

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Stem Cell Exosome P-Shot | Q&A | The Novus Center

The solution for sexual performance issues is finding the right treatment that meets all of your needs. One of the most popular sexual performance treatments around is stem cell exosome P-Shot therapy. Not sure what this treatment is about? Check out our quick Q&A for everything you need to know about this treatment. Stem Cell […]

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Does the Phoenix Actually Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

Understandably, men who have been contending with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are skeptical about potential treatments, particularly when pills and other ED treatments haven’t worked for them in the past. But there are certain treatments that are scientifically proven to work, and some that are proven to be even more effective than traditional treatments […]

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What’s More Effective Than The Stem Cell P-Shot?

In terms of your wellbeing and your quality of life, your sexual performance absolutely matters. If you’re suffering from low self-esteem or low self-confidence due to sexual performance issues, then it’s high time to find a sexual health therapy that will help you have better, longer-lasting, and more satisfying sexual experiences. While stem cell P-shots […]

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Can Anyone Use the Phoenix for Erectile Dysfunction?

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, the biggest myth is that it’s a byproduct of getting old and you cannot avoid such a condition. The truth is that ED is usually caused by a reduction of blood flow due to hardened deposits in your blood vessels, which can be reversed. There are various treatments available, […]

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What Is Peyronie’s Disease

In addition to conditions like erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease is a lesser-known ailment that also affects men’s ability to have a regular sex life. So, what is Peyronie’s disease? Also known as penile curvature, Peyronie’s disease is a condition that results from plaques (segments of fibrous scar tissue) developing on the penis. These plaques usually […]

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What Are the Potential Benefits of Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy is an amazing treatment that uses modern technology to bring your cells back to the condition they were in when your skin was younger, more elastic, and brighter. This cutting edge treatment has become extremely popular because of its incredible benefits and ability to make you look as if you have turned back […]

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Stem Cell Exosome Therapy- How Long Does It Take?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more than a physical condition. It also wields an emotional toll, causing feelings of embarrassment that no man likes to talk about. But at The Novus Center in Studio City, LA, we invite these difficult conversations so we can share an exciting treatment option with you: exosomes therapy. It restores penile […]

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Shockwave Therapy for ED – What to Expect

For most men, a satisfying sex life is the center of their physical and mental well-being. Over the course of time and age, many men experience a natural diminishment in their sexual abilities. There’s no reason to settle for this anymore. Men can now achieve sexual performance and drive that brings them back to their […]

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